Parenting in the Time of Corona

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School’s out!

The school closures due to the global Covid-19 pandemic are keeping over 1.5 billion kids out of school in 165 countries. Parents all over are struggling to keep their children occupied and entertained, while working from home and managing the household.

Here, at makchic, we have put together a list of current and past articles that might help families through this difficult period.

1. Keep them happy and fed

Online Grocery Delivery Services in Malaysia

With the Movement Control Order in place nationwide and extended until April 14th, it might be easier to stock up on groceries by purchasing them online. Delivery may take a while, but you will not have to brave the crowds. Please buy only what you need and avoid hoarding.

Food Delivery Services in Malaysia

Malaysians are so blessed to have so many options when it comes to makan, even in times of Movement Control Order. If you need a break from cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you could try these food delivery services. Do remember to appreciate all the riders who are out there, keeping us fed, happy and home!

Baby Food Delivery Services in Malaysia

Caring for a baby can be very time consuming. To help relieve some of your daily duties, we have compiled a list of baby food delivery services for your convenience.

Meal Planning: Recipes to get you through the Week

Recently, we asked our readers their biggest challenge during this #dudukrumah period, and having to cook 3 meals a day topped the list. Make life easier for you by planning ahead.  To help you get started, we have some recipes for a main meal with tips for using leftovers. You can customise it according to your family’s preference.

Cooking with the Kids: 4 Secrets to Some Amazing Family Time

This might be a good time to get your kids involved in cooking preparations at home. You could also incorporate maths lessons and discuss nutrition and health while you are doing it. And do remember to not leave the boys in your family out – they should have this essential life skill too! Try these great tips to have a wonderful time with your kids in the kitchen.

2. Keep them occupied and entertained

8 Lazy Mum Play Ideas (That Don’t Involve a Screen)

Let’s face it- it would be difficult to keep screen time low during this period. No one will judge you for allowing your kids more time on their devices. But, if you are running out of ideas to keep the kids busy, here is a list that may help!

The Homeschool Diaries: Games for Physical Fitness

Taking on the role of educator in our homes has given most of us a deeper respect and appreciation for teachers.  While most parents are working hard to keep their kids from falling too far behind on subjects like Maths and Science, let’s not forget that it is equally important to keep the kids active and physically fit. You can try these games to get the kids off the couch!

Fun Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy while You Homeschool 

More fun activities using common (and cheap) materials around the house could be found here.

Parenting in a Digital Age: 5 Tips for Navigating the Digital World

If screen time becomes an issue at home, you could use this time together to help your kids purposefully navigate the increasing digitisation in our society. How do we ensure they are safe, while providing them the space to explore, innovate, communicate and collaborate? Read our top tips here.

Why You Need to Get into Podcasts

Podcasts are really great alternatives to screen time for kids. Not only are they incredibly entertaining and engaging, the absence of visuals allow kids to fill in the gaps and use their creativity. Here is how you could try getting your kids to enjoy podcasts!

Tips for parents with children on the spectrum during this MCO

The rising spread of Covid-19 is causing much uneasiness across the globe. For special needs parents, this is yet another worry added to the multitude of things already on their minds. Here, our writer compiled a list of tips from parents with children on the spectrum.

Homeschooling made easy

With schools closed, parents have been thrown into the world of phonics, lesson plans and worksheets overnight. If you find yourself struggling, here are some tips that we hope will make your homeschooling journey just that little bit easier… and a whole lot more enjoyable!

I hosted a Zoom party for my kid – Here’s how we did it

Covid-19 shouldn’t stop you from celebrating your kids birthday. Here are tips on how to host a party in a safe way, without compromising on the fun!

Online classes for kids

Schools are reopening. However, if you’re still anxious about letting your kids out in busy spaces, here are some online classes you can check out in the meantime.

3. What about working from home?

Working from Home: 5 Productivity Hacks for the Pent-Up Parent

This is a new normal for many and it is easy to get distracted while we are stuck and isolated in our homes. We love these hacks to keep you productive and meet those important deadlines.

Tips to Keep the Spark Alive After Kids

The social distancing requires everyone to stay home. It is harder to avoid a burnout from the constant and close proximity to your partner. Make time for your relationship and keep it healthy with our tips here.

Navigating The Time of Coronavirus as a Teacher and Mum

Our Chief Editor, Laych Koh shares her experience as a teacher and a mother in these strange and unprecedented times.

How mumpreneurs are surviving the MCO

We asked several mumpreneurs to share how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted them and how they are weathering the storm. Read more here.

4. Be kind to your mind

Mental Health Support: When you need Someone to Talk To

If you have been putting on a brave face while the threat of Covid-19 looms over you, your family and community, and you are struggling and looking for mental and emotional support, here is a list so you could seek therapy, guidance and support for a variety of issues.

Help for the Anxious Parent

It’s reasonable to be anxious, especially as a parent, during this truly difficult period. We explore how we can deal with anxiety, especially when it is disrupting our day to day lives here.

Sneaking in ‘me time’ during the Covid-19 pandemic

Even with the entire family locked in together under one roof, it is possible, and important, to carve out some time for yourself for the sake of your mental wellbeing. Here are some practical tips that could help.


We are in this together. Stay safe, stay home and we wish you the best, parents!

From our team of purposeful, multi-faceted mummies. For editorial or general enquiries, email to us at makchic@popdigital.my