Our Team

Laych Koh


Laych is a journalist and teacher who divides her time between Malaysian and London, where she is currently based. Having been a news reporter for over a decade, she now finds great pleasure in talking to small children about dinosaurs and poo. Currently focusing on her two young sons, she believes in the extraordinary power and resilience of mothers around the world.

Liyana Taff

Editor, makchic

Liyana was a public relations practitioner, a government consultant, an aspiring entrepreneur and now a mother of two (with another coming along). She loves eating, reading and traveling. However with young kids in tow, sometimes she’s content with doing all three vicariously through other people’s Instagram accounts.

Ayuni Ayatillah

Editor, makchic Suri

Ayuni is a mum of three bubbly bubs, a freelance writer and a stationery hoarder. When not writing, she’s busy running the household while stealing time to scribble in her bullet journal, sew or craft. She enjoys listening to people and writing about their stories, hoping to spread inspirational vibes whenever she can.

Jihan Rajak

Business Development Manager

Jihan used to be deep in the throes of corporate life until her son Jordan came along. Wanting more flexible hours and a chance to do what she was passionate about, she now manages talents and oversees makchic‘s business development. A typical day for her is a mix of glamorous activities and homely bustle – from glittering events and stars to doing laundry and changing diapers.

Amanda Sura 

Social Media Coordinator/Writer

Amanda is a contributing writer and social media coordinator who hails from Kuching, Sarawak but currently resides in Miri. Apart from learning the know-hows of the social media world, she enjoys baby wearing her daughter and occasionally indulging on an ikura sushi roll. She is passionate about parenthood and her small business where she makes natural body scrubs and foot soaks.

Murni Roslim

Social Media Coordinator

Murni is a dreamer and a serial entrepreneur. Before motherhood, she was a jewelry maker, event planner, and florist. Her days are still filled with color, fun and flora thanks to Crayola, playgroups and the leaves her son picks while out on their walks. She enjoys reading, diving and her precious “me time” to work on new dreams.

Najmin Tajudin

Special Projects Coordinator/Writer

Over the past 15 years, Najmin worked as a management consultant, ran a community-supported agriculture (CSA) programme out of an integrated goat farm, and helped manage an equine centre. A biologist by training, this mum of three (5 to 13 years old) now has all her kids in school. She wants to spend more time reading, writing and gardening, and sharing her discovery of fun local places at Mums of Makchic.

Lu Sean Seah

Special Projects Coordinator/Writer

In various prior roles, Lu Sean absolutely killed it in arts management, public relations and law. She now herds a peer-learner, pre-schooler, and a cat (he’s fluffy, not fat). While not busy at volunteering for a family support group, Lu Sean loves planning holidays while nursing a teh tarik. She believes that mothers can handle most anything, with a little bit of time.

Nadia Nizamuddin

Resident artist/Writer

Nadia is a visual artist that moonlights as an instrument/telecommunications engineer. She has a lifetime subscription to teenage angst and balances it out by doing multisports and ashtanga. She is adamant that her 2 young girls love to read as much as she does. She is an advocate for mental health, self-care and also forgiving yourself frequently as you parent.


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