Online Grocery Delivery Services in Malaysia

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Dread the drive to pick up your weekly groceries at the supermarket? Or simply don’t have the time to do so in between school runs and house chores? Lucky for us, online shopping is a growing trend in Malaysia.

We trawled the internet and found 18 online grocery delivery service for your convenience. You can skip the traffic and long queues, and order vegetables, fruits and everything in between from the comforts of your own home!

Grocery Delivery Service #1: Redtick and Redtick Plus

Photo Credit: Redtick FB

Redtick is an online grocery shopping company founded in 2010 which features an appealing layout that’s not only easy on the eyes but makes shopping much more accessible. Shoppers can click on convenient tabs to easily find the products they’re looking for. There is also Redtick Plus for those who stay out of the Klang Valley. It is worth noting that Redtick Plus delivers dry food, health and beauty items only.

Delivery Areas: 

  • Redtick: Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Seri Kembangan and Puchong.
  • Redtick Plus: Out of Klang Valley.

Delivery Slots:

  • Redtick:  2-hour time slots between 9am -9pm.
  • Redtick Plus: 1-5 working days.

Payment Methods: Cash on delivery, credit/debit card or online banking.

Delivery Fees:

  • Redtick: RM10-RM15 for orders under RM150 depending on delivery slot. Free delivery for orders over RM150.
  • Redtick Plus: RM8 for the first item and RM2 for each additional item.

Website: Redtick (Klang Valley) and Redtick Plus (Out of Klang Valley)

Grocery Delivery Service #2: MyGroser

MyGroser claims to be the only independent, digital, and online grocery of its kind in Malaysia. They have full time, trained employees who pick the products you buy, pack, and prepare them carefully for delivery to your doorsteps, safely and securely. We love the Ready to Cook section that offers Western and Asian meal kits that makes it very convenient for family meal planning.

Delivery Areas: Klang Valley.

Delivery Slots: Monday to Sunday, 9am – 9pm

Payment Methods: Direct bank transfers (FPX) via any local and most international banks, Credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD), Debit cards from any local and most international banks. Cash is not accepted.

Delivery Fees: Delivery is charged according to the total weight of your order:

  • Up to 35kg – RM 8.90
  • 35kg and above – RM12 (Consumer orders), and RM15 (business accounts)
  • Deliveries are free if you purchase above RM250.

Website: My Groser

App: iOS and Android

Grocery Delivery Service #3: Tesco Online

Not only do customers get their pick at the widest range of products available at Tesco, they can also have their groceries delivered right to their doorstep. Upon confirmation of order, Tesco’s trained personal shoppers will handpick the freshest and longest sell-by dates products. Afraid you’ll miss out on any in-store promotions? Fret not as the same promotions also apply to all online-bought products on the day of delivery.

Delivery Areas: Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru and Seremban. Use their checker to find out if deliveries are made to your area.

Delivery Slots: Daily 2-hour time slots between 10am to 10pm. Bookings can be made up to 3 weeks in advance. Changes and cancellation are possible at any time up to 11pm on the day before your order is due for delivery.

Payment Methods: Upon delivery at the door by credit (Visa and Mastercard) or debit card. Cash is not accepted.

Delivery Fees: Service charge is shown during slot-booking.

Website: Tesco Online

App: iOS and Android

Grocery Delivery Service #4: Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer is a one-stop online shopping centre for all your daily needs. Not only are some of the items much cheaper than other stores, they have over thousands of products spread across various categories such as fresh meats and vegetables, food essentials, bakery, beauty and health appliances, pet care and many more. This makes your shopping fast and easy! Their reliable delivery service will deliver your order to the delivery address stated.

Delivery areas: Most areas in Klang Valley.

Delivery slots: Daily from 10am to 9pm. They also deliver during public holidays.

Payment Methods: Cash on delivery, credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

Delivery Fees: Standard delivery charge is RM9. Additional delivery box is charged at RM8 per box. Deliveries are free if you purchase above RM300.

Website: Jaya Grocer

App: iOS and Android

Grocery Delivery Service #5: Mydin

Mydin offers options for pick up at the store, designated lockers and home delivery. Locker facilities enable shoppers to pick up their chilled and frozen groceries at their leisure. As of date, only Mydin Subang Jaya has lockers and pick up facilities. Look out for their ongoing promotions with a ‘Grab Now’ feature that lists promotional items in a single view.

Delivery Areas: Certain areas in Klang Valley only.

Delivery Slots:

  • Delivery: 10am to 10pm at a 2-hour time slot.
  • Pick up: Next day within a 2-hour slot.
  • Locker pick up: Within the same day (11am – 4pm) for orders made before 6am. 7pm till 8am next day, for orders made before 2pm.

Payment Methods: Online payment via eGHL. Payment via mobile terminal is also available.

Delivery Fees: RM10. Peak time slots incur a higher fee. Free for store pick-up. RM5 for locker pick up.

Website: Mydin

App: iOS and Android

Grocery Delivery Service #6: HappyFresh

Fancy a personal shopper of your own to fetch groceries for you in under 60 minutes? Through the website or app, select and choose grocery items from stores within your area and they’ll deliver within the hour. There is also the option to select a designated delivery slot to suit your busy schedule.

Delivery Areas: Most areas in the Klang Valley, Penang Island and Johor.

Delivery Slots: Within the hour/any one-hour time slots between 10am-9pm.

Payment Methods: Cash on delivery or credit/debit card.

Delivery Fees: Depending on your location and distance from the store. Delivery starts from as low as RM3. Service fee will vary due to demand.

Website: HappyFresh

App: iOS and Android

Grocery Delivery Service #7: Potboy

Potboy Groceries source over 10,000 products directly from suppliers. They currently offer Potboy Gold in exchange for your recyclable goods that you can hand over upon delivery of groceries. This will turn into store credit, saving you money on your next check out. Shoppers can also donate to shelter homes by purchasing groceries and Potboy will deliver on your behalf on a bi-weekly basis.

Delivery Areas: Major areas in the Klang Valley.

Delivery Slots: Within 3 – 5 working days except for Sundays and Public Holidays.

Payment Methods: Payment on delivery (CIMB Plug & Play / Boost eWallet), Credit/debit card (Visa and Mastercard), Direct Bank Transfer, FPX, and Paypal.

Delivery Fees: Free Delivery without any minimum purchase.

Website: Potboy

Grocery Delivery Service #8: Bonfisken Seafood Market

Fish and seafood processing specialist for over 22 years, Bonfisken Seafood Market will change any negative assumptions you had about buying frozen seafood. They provide freshness, along with the taste and nutrition by freezing fishes at sea. These vacuum-sealed packages can last up to five months and thawed overnight when needed. Bonfisken offers an impressive range of seafood: cold-smoked, frozen raw, marinated, salmon terrines, smoked and fresh too.

Delivery Area: Klang Valley only.

Delivery Slots: Mondays to Fridays (10am – 4pm). No deliveries on weekends and public holidays.

Payment Methods: Bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

Delivery Fees: RM50 for orders below RM300. Free delivery for orders above RM300.

Website: Bonfisken Seafood Market

Grocery Delivery Service #9: Pantry Express

Incorporated in 2015, Pantry Express offers a convenient and reliable online shopping experience. As the name suggests, they aim to help busy shoppers stock up their pantries with a few clicks. There are 3 categories, namely groceries, household as well as health and beauty. Every order should have a minimum purchase of RM50. Cancelation is possible within 3 hours after your order.

Delivery Area: Most areas in the Klang Valley.

Delivery Slots: Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm) excluding public holidays.

Payment Methods: Cash on delivery, bank transfer and company cheque.

Delivery Fees: Flat rate RM8 within delivery areas. Between RM15 and RM30 for outside of delivery areas.

Website: Pantry Express

Grocery Delivery Service #10: The Little Mart

When Pierre, the owner and co-founder of The Little Mart arrived in Malaysia in 2014, he couldn’t find his favourite products in the local supermarkets. That was how The Little Mart came to be. They import and resale French sourced products and try as best they can to select organic and fair-trade food. The Little Mart delivers using only reusable plastic and carton boxes, eliminating the need for plastic bags. For items with short shelf life, local charities benefit from them to avoid wastage.

Delivery Areas: Nationwide.

Delivery Slots: 2 slots (9.30 am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm) Mondays to Saturdays except Sundays and some Public Holidays.

  • Kuala Lumpur: 48hrs delivery.
  • West Malaysia : 3-7 days.
  • East Malaysia: Around 15 days.

Payment Methods: Credit card or online bank transfer.

Delivery Fees:  Free for orders over RM490

  • Kuala Lumpur – RM15.
  • West Malaysia – RM25.
  • East Malaysia – RM70.

Website: The Little Mart

Grocery Delivery Service #11: TM Farms

Photo Credit: TM Farms FB

Why not opt to support local products with TM Farms, as produces are grown in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Weekly box deliveries use recyclable boxes that shoppers can return for use again the following week. Each box is standard, meaning customers cannot choose to customise their products. However, they guarantee product freshness by packing the night before delivery.

Delivery Areas: Most areas in the Klang Valley.

Delivery Slots: Mondays but other days can be arranged.

Payment Methods: Credit card, Paypal.

Delivery Fees: One-time fee of RM20 for weekly boxes.

Website: TM Organic Farms

Grocery Delivery Service #12: Organic4u.com.my

Organic4u.com.my is your one-stop store that delivers fresh organic vegetables and fruits from farms to your doorstep. Besides buying ala-carte, you can opt for monthly vegetable bags. Choose between a large or small bag in which you can customise your choice of greens and even add on a whole chicken. A large bag is suitable for a family of 3-5, while a small bag suits a family of 2-3 members.

Delivery Areas: Within Klang Valley.

Delivery Slots: 10am – 6 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Payment Methods: Credit card, Paypal and bank transfer.

Delivery Fees: RM20 per trip.

Website: Organic4u.com.my

Grocery Delivery Service #13: BMS Organics

It started with an organic shop in Subang Jaya promoting a healthy lifestyle through wheatgrass planting. BMS Organics is now Malaysia’s largest organic retail chain with more than 41 outlets and 21 cafes. Besides their in-house brand, they also carry other popular organic brands. Their products are not only limited to groceries as they carry beauty, household and even clothing items in the store.

Delivery Areas: Nationwide.

Delivery Slots: 3-6 days. Time varies during holidays and promotional periods.

Payment Methods: Credit card (Visa and Mastercard), online banking or bank transfer via ATM.

Delivery Fees:

  • West Malaysia : RM15 for first 6kg, RM1 for each additional kg. Free for purchases above RM180.
  • East Malaysia: RM25 for first 2kg, RM15 for each additional kg.

Website: BMS Organics

Grocery Delivery Service #14Signature Market

Buying organic products may be costly but not with Signature Market. They buy directly from manufacturers, and consumers get to enjoy savings of up to 50%. Reap benefits such as discounts and freebies when you register as a member. Their inventory includes food products for adults and babies alike, household supplies as well as health and beauty products.

Delivery Areas: Nationwide.

Delivery Slots:

  • West Malaysia: 2-3 working days.
  • East Malaysia: 3-4 working days.

Payment Methods: Credit/debit card, online banking and eWallet (Boost and KiplePay)

Delivery Fees: Free for purchases over RM100. Flat rate of RM10 for standard shipping.

Website: Signature Market

Grocery Delivery Service #15Love Earth

Photo Credit: Love Earth FB

Love Earth currently supplies products to more than 500 retail outlets in Malaysia which include major chain stores, pharmacies, organic outlets, and even fruit shops. They also provide healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, and product benefits in their blog. There are links to products within their blog posts and recipes which will be of great help to shoppers. For those with specific health issues, click on the related trending tags to view recommended products that address your concerns.

Delivery Areas: Nationwide.

Delivery Slots:

  • Metro Areas in West Malaysia: 2-3 working days.
  • Rest of West Malaysia: 3-5 working days.
  • East Malaysia: 5-7 working days

Payment Methods: Credit card and online banking.

Delivery Fees:

  • West Malaysia: Free shipping with a minimum spend of RM150.
  • East Malaysia: RM250.
  • Pick up is available at their warehouse in Prima Selayang.

Website: Love Earth

Grocery Delivery Service #16Organic Express

As a farm-to-table delivery service, Organic Express carries its in-house dry goods brand Simply Natural and Zenxin fresh produce. Shoppers can opt for their organic box subscription and enjoy fresh vegetables curated for small or large families. They even have a tab for recipes created by Zenxin diet and nutrition team as well as guest chefs. Perfect for mums who run out of cooking ideas.

Delivery Areas:

  • Dry Goods: Nationwide.
  • Fresh and frozen products: Limited areas.

Delivery Slots:

  • Dry Goods: Within 3-5 working days.
  • Fresh and frozen goods: Depending on area.

Payment Methods: Paypal or direct bank transfer

Delivery Fees:

  • Dry Goods: Free for orders above RM100 (West Malaysia) and RM150 (East Malaysia). Other than that, PosLaju rates apply.
  • Fresh and frozen products: Different delivery rates apply.
  • 10% discount for pick-ups at designated outlets.

Website: Organic Express

Grocery Delivery Service #17Owlganic Market

Expect only the freshest products with Owlganic Market as they have a high inventory turnover due to their partnership with The Natural Marketplace. Not only that, they will also ensure you receive products with the longest shelf life. Owlganic Market promotes less waste by only using recycled materials for shipping and going paperless with their packing slips.

Delivery Areas: Nationwide. Pickups are also available.

Delivery Slots:

  • West Malaysia: 1-3 working days.
  • East Malaysia: 3-5 working days.

Payment Methods: Credit card and online banking.

Delivery Fees: Calculated upon checkout. Free for self-pickup.

Website: Owlganic Market

Grocery Delivery Service #18Everleaf

Encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming, Everleaf’s produces are naturally grown. They collaborate with local, organic farmers that produce a variety of fruits and vegetables. Everleaf even has surprise vegetable boxes picked randomly by farmers. Besides leafy greens, you are able to shop for poultry, honey, and zero waste products. A refund policy is in place should they run out of products as natural disasters like flood, drought and pests may limit the number of produces.

Delivery Areas: Klang Valley only.

Delivery Slots: 4-5 days.

Payment Methods: Credit card and online banking.

Delivery Fees: Free with purchases more than RM99. RM8 to most areas around Klang Valley. RM18 for other areas.

Website: Everleaf

App: iOS and Android


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First published on February 16, 2015.

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