About Us

Makchic is a Malaysian-based online parenting site for urban mothers and fathers. We are passionate about content and projects that reflect and support chic, curious and spirited parents. We believe in the rich and diverse stories of parenthood that inform, support and uplift all families out there.

The makchic manifesto

We are makchic.
We believe in the goodness of the world.
We believe in bringing up children who will
do it justice
bring it peace
bring about joy, spark laughter
And be a beacon for others.
In believing that,
we also believe that the best way to
teach our children this is
To be the goodness in the world
To model the justice
Be the peacemakers
Inspire the smiles and laughs
Live as a beacon for others.
We are makchic
We believe that good people, products and organisations
do their best
to be high quality, sustainable, fair and friendly –
whether to individuals, the community, or our planet earth.
We believe in supporting and uplifting mothers and families everywhere
in their quest to parent well, learn well and live well.
We believe in being honest, authentic and conscientious
to our readers and our community of parents.
We believe in the truth and we believe in science.
We believe in diversity, care and compassion.
We take pride in the agency of mothers and women
We link arms with the fathers and men
who believe in us
We are here to use our voices
Share our strengths
And foster a chic, curious and spirited sisterhood
Join us if you believe in our ethos
If you would incite love and purpose
If you believe
you too
are one of us.

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