Raya 2015: 8 Places to Baju Raya for Kids

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It may be Ramadan still, but in a blink of an eye we’ll be fast approaching Raya. Now that Mommy has gotten her perfect Raya number settled, (Psst. Here is some help if you need some.) it’s time to focus on the little ones. We’ve been on the hunt for some adorable yet affordable selections that will look great in the Raya family portrait. Here are seven Malaysian child wear brands that will help ease the headache of picking out your children’s outfits. Now if only someone could settle the lemang and rendang debacle as well.



With a range that caters to kids as young a 2 months and to as old as 6 years, Whimsigirl’s fuss-free designs are anything but boring. They even have unisex tunics that are perfect with a skirt or pants.

Price range: RM95 to RM215. Available online at Whimsigirl or at their retail outlet in Publika.


Kenit Lab

Kids are going to be kids. Kenit Lab’s Aidilfitri 2015 collection understands this. Focusing on being playful yet practical, the pieces are made of cotton and linen; perfect for little ones to run around in.

Price range: RM159. Available online at Kenit Lab.


Zayn&Zayd Co.

Take the stress of locating your little ones off your shoulders and let them run free. When you’ve got moustaches, fun stripes and block colours, it’s hard to go missing in a sea of playing children.

Price range: RM80 – RM120. Available online at Flowers and Warriors.


BB Luvs Me

At BB Luvs Me, there’s something for everyone. You can opt for a modern twist with a pastel peplum or settle for something more traditional but with a perfect burst of colour like this mini Nyonya kebaya.

Price range: RM 40 – RM 89. Available online at BB Luvs Me.


Button My Buttons

The Jeeda collection from Button My Buttons is perfect for mother and daughter pairings. The scallop patterns are subtle enough to be carried by mini-me without making Mommy look too kiddish. They come in beautiful jewel tones too for that added touch.

Price range: RM 159 – RM 189 (RM 299 for adult sizes). Available online at Button My Buttons.


Darwish Rich Design

It’s not just girls who want to have fun. Now it’s time for the little soldiers to steal the show with little kurtas in bright colours and handsome baju melayu tops with pelikat details.

Price Range: RM75 to RM 140. Available at online at Zalora.


Belle Babies

Subdued tones needn’t be boring. A demure three-quarter sleeved baju kurung is less restrictive for little arms. Or go completely contemporary with this sleeveless floral baju kurung, which is perfect in this humid climate.

Price Range: RM69 – RM80. Available online at Zalora.


Tooba’ Malaysia

Move your little one’s wardrobe away from one standard colour and dress them in Tooba’ Malaysia’s “Brighty Baju Melayu” for boys. The cotton outfits are available for pre-order now via Whatsapp (012-213 7537).

Price Range: RM139 – RM169. Available at Tooba’ Malaysia.

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Image Credit: Whimsigirl, BB Luvs Me, Belle Babies, Button My Buttons, Darwish Rich Design, Flowers & Warriors KL, Kenit Lab & Tooba’ Malaysia.