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Get Ready For Your Baby’s Arrival: Your Essentials Checklist

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As parents-to-be, preparing for your newborn can be rather overwhelming, even more when you don’t know where to begin. To ease your burden, here’s is a list of essentials that you will need for the first few months.



You’ll need to get a few necessities before baby arrives and until you know the size of your baby. Keep in mind that baby clothes are one of the popular gifts you will get. You may want to include sizes 3 or 4 months and above to your baby shower checklist so you don’t end up getting too many newborn size outfits.

While 2-piece outfits such as sleeveless, long and short sleeve shirts with bottoms aren’t a necessity but you may buy 2-3 pcs to start off although at this age it’s recommended for baby’s to wear snug-fitting clothing to avoid SIDS.


Besides the above, you should also invest in a changing table or pad, and napkins or muslin cloth diapers which can be used as burp cloths or swaddle blankets.




If you plan to exclusively breastfeed, you may not need to get milk bottles before baby’s arrival but there have been many situations which may lead you to bottle feed or prepare a bottle or two.

The bottles (4 – 5 ounce) should come with teats suitable for 0-3 months. Also, don’t forget to get a sterilizer – it really helps.

There are also items you should consider preparing in advance if you choose to breastfeed.

  • Nipple cream and a hot/cold gel pack to soothe the nipples
  • Disposable breast pads
  • Breast milk storage bottle/bags and breastpump can be bought after baby’s arrival but do scout around and get familiar with the price and performance from a breastfeeding mama or lactation consultant


Not forgetting essentials for the mum-to-be! It’s important to keep mum in good health for her to attend to her baby 24/7. Here are some other things you’ll need:

  • Nursing bras
  • Maternity pads

For a more comprehensive check list – consisting of 3 categories of items you can get BEFORE and AFTER baby’s arrival – click here to download.

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