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“Will I Poop During Delivery?” & 15 Other Embarrassing Pregnancy Questions Answered

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Pregnancy is an exciting time yet confusing time. While it’s amazing how your body adapts and nurtures a tiny human being for nine months, pregnancy isn’t all about glowing skin.

From gas to hair growth to other awkward questions about your growing baby, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the things you’ve been dying to ask about your most blush-worthy pregnancy issues.


1. Why do I feel constipated?

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy, and it’s caused by surging pregnancy hormones. Increase your fiber intake and drink extra fluids to keep things moving more smoothly.

2. If my waters break when I’m out, will I look like I’ve wet myself?

Most babies move down into the pelvis towards the end of pregnancy so their head will act like a plug. If your waters did break in public, it would most likely trickle rather than gush out, and most people would be happy to help you. If you’re still nervous, use a sanitary pad before you head out.

3. Why is there vaginal fluid leaking in my first trimester?

It’s normal to for things down there to feel more wet in the first trimester. This vaginal discharge is due to the hormone progesterone – and nature’s way of helping to protect against infections that could otherwise travel up to your uterus.

4. Why do I keep having erotic dreams?

Sex dreams during pregnancy are all thanks to, “extra blood flow to your genitals, raised estrogen levels that increase vaginal secretions, and sensitive, enlarged breasts mean your sex drive may be raging.”


5. Can babies fart in utero?

Babies in utero can’t fart, but they do urinate.

6. Why am I peeing my pants?

With increased pressure on the bladder, most pregnant women experience involuntarily leaking urine when they cough, sneeze or even laugh. It’s usually only a few drops but it can still feel embarrassing. Keep it at bay by doing regular pelvic floor exercises.

7. Can the baby feel my partner during sex?

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology says that as long as you are having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, sex during pregnancy is 100% safe, even in the third trimester. If a woman is comfortable in certain sexual positions without feeling pain or discomfort, then this is a sign that the baby is fine as well.

8. Why is my vagina swollen?

They are a result of the extra blood flow surging through your body, your pelvic joints preparing for the delivery day, and the pressure your baby is putting on your pelvic area.


9. Will I poop while giving birth?

It can happen especially just before the baby crowns. This is because the muscles you use to push your baby out are the exact same ones you use to poop. But don’t worry about it because you’ll be too busy with other important things.

10. Why am I cramping after sex?

If you start cramping after sex, don’t freak out. These cramps or contractions can be a result of an orgasm and/or prostaglandins in semen. Usually rest will calm the cramping.

11. Why is my face breaking out with pimples?

According to WebMD, the additional hormones coursing through your system causes spots and pimples.

12. Why am I feeling so gassy?

Surging hormones can slow down your gastrointestinal tract, which causes excess wind and bloating in virtually every pregnant woman. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to be done about all this burping and farting.


13. Why are my breasts so itchy?

According to BabyCenter, it’s normal for your skin to be itchy, particularly in the areas that expand (like your breasts and tummy). Avoid scratching them, and try keeping your skin hydrated with special creams or coconut oil.

14. A friend told me my baby will be covered in goop similar to cream cheese after birth. Will I want to cuddle that?

The cheese-like stuff coating a newborn is called ‘vernix’ and it’s absorbed by your baby’s skin usually within the first two days. It helps protect your baby against infection. Many hospitals have the baby bathed in the first hours after birth, but as parents, you can make the decision on when to bathe your baby and who is the one to do it.

15. How long will it take to heal after stitches and when will I be able to have sex again?

It usually take three or four weeks for a tear or cut to heal. However, you can resume sex whenever you feel ready – for some women this is within days, or weeks, while for others it might be months.

16. Will my husband go off sex if he sees the birth?

Some men struggle with this, especially if it’s been a traumatic birth. But most men look at their partner in complete admiration that they’ve produced this beautiful baby – and rightly so. If you’re worried about it, have your husband stay by your side.

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