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4 Types of Children’s Photos You Should Never Share on Social Media

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New research shows that more than 900 images of children are being shared online by parents before their fifth birthday. However, many aren’t checking their social network privacy settings, leaving pictures and other sensitive/private information susceptible to misuse or, worse, abuse.

Local comedian Harith Iskander recently shared that pictures of his son were taken from his social media and uploaded onto a child pornography website. He’s in the process of contacting the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission to find out what action can be taken.

While we understand it’s tempting to share our kids’ adorable or funny moments with our entire social networks, we also have to be mindful that we may not have full control over what happens to these photos later. The next time you upload photos, consider these four types of photos you should never share on social media.

1. Nude photos: While you may think sharing photos of your tot at bath time is cute, it’s an invitation for misuse. If a photo could be misconstrued as being sexual or suggestive in nature, don’t post it. Don’t take the risk of those pictures getting into the wrong hands.

2. Photos with a hashtag of your child’s full name: Hashtags are searchable on social media and hashtagging your child’s name just means you’re creating a library of your child’s information, including their photos.

3. Other people’s kids: Some parents shield their children from the social media glare. So before you post pictures of other people’s children (at a birthday party, outing, or any other occasion) on your socials, make sure you respect the stances of the families involved.

4. Where they go to school: Kids’ schools are meant to be a safe zone, so let’s keep it that way. For photos of your children in the classroom or on school grounds, make sure that the school’s location isn’t geo-tagged and that the name of the school is kept hidden.

Do you have anything else to add to the list?

Image Credit: Heide Benser/Corbis.

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