How to Have the Best Baby Shower: Themes, Treats and Games!

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Get ready for an overload of cuteness as we dive into the world of baby showers! This is where tiny socks and onesies reign supreme; where anticipation and giggles fill the air. If you’re seeking inspiration for baby shower themes, treats and games, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for our carefully curated list of adorable ideas to help you plan for an unforgettable celebration for both the guests – and the mama-to-be!


1. Ready To Pop 

Remember that feeling when you were so done with pregnancy, and so ready to pop? It’s likely that your guest of honour will be feeling the same – and she might enjoy this tongue-in-cheek theme! Fill up the room with colourful, uplifting things that go pop, such as balloons, champagne bottles, and cute pom-pom decorations. You could even rent a mini popcorn machine, or provide cake pops or a rainbow cake for the dessert table, to add to the bright and cheery vibes. 

2. Mama-to-Bee

Celebrate the sweetness of the little one on the way with this sweet “mama-to-bee” theme. Serve up honey-infused treats, create a honey tasting station, and play games such as “Pin the Bee on the Hive.” If you’re thinking of giving out baby shower favours, consider honey sticks or beeswax lip balms as delightful, buzz-worthy mementos.

3. A Royal Celebration 

Source: Bisou Bake Shop

Roll out the royal treatment with a regal-themed baby shower fit for the little prince or princess. Decorate with gold and silver accents, crowns, or elegant décor. Serve tea party-inspired treats, host a “Royal Baby Name” guessing game, and create a luxurious atmosphere for the parents-to-be.

4. Adventure Awaits

Indeed, mama is in for an adventure of a lifetime! Host a hot air balloon-themed baby shower that will leave guests floating on Cloud Nine. Transform the venue into a whimsical scene with hot air balloons and vintage globes, provide treats with cloud-like marshmallows, and set up a photo booth area with props, such as pilot hats, scarves, and binoculars.

Easy-Peasy Sweet Treats

1. Cotton Candy Mocktails

No cocktails for the mama-to-be please. Instead, let’s celebrate together with pregnancy-friendly mocktails! All you need to do is place clouds of cotton candy in champagne glasses, get guests to pour sparkling water, soda or lemonade over this, and watch as the sweet clouds dissolve to flavour their drinks. 

2. Doughnut Wall

Create a baby shower doughnut wall display, using pegboards. Buy an assortment of colourful doughnuts that fit your theme, and hang these on the pegs for guests to grab and enjoy. Super sweet, cute and fun!

3. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

These are a great addition to dessert tables, and can easily be prepared at home. Simply dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate (just microwave the chocolate!) and roll them in crushed candies, chopped nuts, or sprinkles. 

4. Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Source: Bisou Bake Shop

Of course, no baby shower would truly be complete without the addition of exquisitely crafted cakes, cookies, and cupcakes – and these can only be entrusted to the skilled hands of professional bakers! Get cakes that taste just as good as they look delivered to your party venue, from our all-time favourite, Bisou Bake Shop. If you’re looking for a gender reveal cake, do check out their Oh Baby celebration cake. It’s a white, vanilla butter-frosted cake, with blue and pink-pom pom swirls and a colourful confetti base, coming in shades of either pink or blue. 

Fun Baby Shower Games

1. Diaper Changing Challenge

Practice makes perfect – and parents-to-be will definitely need all the practice they can get to put those nappies on fast! Divide guests into teams and provide them with dolls, diapers, and wipes. The team that successfully changes the diaper on their doll the fastest wins (and you can even blindfold participants, so they can experience what a nighttime diaper change might feel like!). 

2. Nursery Decor Drawing

Ask mama-to-be what she would like her baby to look like (e.g strong legs, a bright smile, an abundance of hair). Give each guest a paper plate and ask them to place this on top of their heads. Without looking at the plates, guests will have to visualise and draw a picture of a baby to match the stated criteria. The mama-to-be’s task will then be to guess the artist and vote on her favourite masterpiece. Not only will this activity create hilarious moments, but the resulting drawings will also make cute and cherished additions to the nursery decor.

3. Baby Food Tasting

This is a simple and easy to prepare game! Just remove the labels from different jars of baby food, and have guests taste and guess the flavours. Get ready for some hilarity (and occasionally horrified tastebuds) as guests try to unravel the baby food mysteries!

4. Guess the Baby 

Add a touch of nostalgia to your baby shower by asking guests to bring along a baby photo of themselves.  The mama-to-be will need to try and match the baby photos with the correct guest. It’s a wonderful way to connect generations, share stories, and celebrate the journey of motherhood together. 

5. Baby Name Game

Have guests come up with as many unique names as possible by combining the parents’ names, or using other creative methods. And who knows – the little bundle of joy may wind up being named by one of the creative guests!

Happy planning, #makchicmumsquad – we wish you a spectacular baby shower filled with plenty of love and laughter.

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