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Tips to keep kids healthy

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Here, we share tips on what you can do to keep your kids healthy.

1. Instil healthy habits

Don’t stress if your kids are not on track with their phonics or maths. Now is the time to help them develop skills to make safe and healthy choices every day. These include frequent hand washing, practicing proper etiquette when coughing and sneezing and maintaining social distance. Talk to them about the pandemic simply and honestly and share information that is appropriate for their age. There are plenty of kid-friendly resources online, which may help give your kids an understanding on the importance of maintaining good habits.

2. Eating right

Nourish your family with healthy meals. This is not only important to keep your children healthy, but it can also help with their behaviours. Consuming too much processed foods and certain preservatives may harm your child. As we move less due to the movement control order, a balanced diet will help them maintain a healthy weight. Now is also an excellent time to get your kids involved in preparing their meals. Getting your children involved greatly increases the chance that they’ll finish their meals after all that effort. Here are some easy healthy recipes that you can try out with your kids.

3. Topping up the nutrients

We all know how unpredictable our children can be. They may love a particular type of food one day, and despise it the next. This change in preference may cause them to miss out on the daily recommended vitamins and minerals intake. You can help by complementing your child’s diet with supplements such as Scott’s Emulsion. Scott’s Emulsion is an example of a supplement that helps to maintain a healthy immune system in your child. It contains both Vitamin A and D.

4. Maintaining routine

Kids thrive on structure. However, with school out and we’re all staying in, our usual routine has come to a halt. All though we need to be flexible during unpredictable times, maintaining a routine helps establish some certainty and provide comfort during the pandemic. This will also help you keep track of the amount of time your kids spend playing and sleeping, which is essential to their development. For older kids, this is the opportune moment to get them to practice time management. Get them to help design their daily schedule and take ownership of it. They will thank you for imparting this life skill when they enter the working world!

5. Keep moving!

With most of our daily movement restricted due to the MCO, we may not be getting the recommended amount of exercise we need. However, this is the time when our body needs it the most to keep our immune system healthy and to keep stress at bay. With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways to get your kids moving even with limited space. YouTube is a treasure trove of fun fitness videos for children like GoNoogle and Cosmic Yoga. If you prefer not to use screens, you can always play games like tag or hopscotch or simply have a dance-off to get the heart rate pumping. This is a sponsored post by Scott’s Emulsion.

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