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Postpartum Products for the Mama Who’s Just Popped

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After nine months of your pregnancy journey (and several loooong hours in the labour room), congrats, mama! Your little bundle is finally out in the world – and now, it’s time for a little self-care of your own.

Here are some essentials to make your postpartum recovery as comfortable and restful as possible. You deserve it!


Your bodies have been through a lot during the labour process. Try these products, which can help to ease your body after birth:

1. Feminine baths and sprays

Photo credit: Tanamera

Mothers who have experienced a vaginal birth will find relief in soothing sprays and warm sitz baths, especially during those early days.

2. Belly wrap

Photo credit: Mama’s Choice

The traditional bengkung our grandmothers have always sworn by! Designed to lift, support, firm, and even shrink your uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size.


In between those midnight feeds, try and make yourselves as comfortable as possible.

3. Hot/cold packs

Versatile and convenient, use these packs to soothe your sore muscles caused by delivery and caring for your newborn.

4. Bedroom slippers

Photo credit: Getha

For those who choose to follow traditional confinement rules and are decked out in socks all day, remember to slip on some anti-skid bedroom slippers to prevent falls!


The first few months of your fourth trimester quickly morph into a blur of breastfeeding. Here are some ways you can keep your milk supply up and have a happier breastfeeding experience:

5. Lactation massager

Photo credit: LaVie

These handy tools help to improve your milk flow and relieve those plugged ducts.

6. Lactation goodies

 A nice warm cup of tea and some yummy cookies (both of which come with ingredients to increase your milk supply)? Yes, please!

7. Breastfeeding friendly pyjamas

Breastfeeding 24/7 requires you to dress for the occasion! So throw on some comfortable and stylish pyjamas to see you through those sleepless nights.

8. Nursing bra

With all that time you’re spending breastfeeding, invest in some pretty yet functional nursing bras to make you feel like the supermama you are.


9. Dry shampoo

Have some dry shampoo on standby to refresh your hair if you are following confinement rules or simply don’t have the time.

10. Postnatal vitamins

Photo credit: Naturelo

Don’t forget to take care of yourself too, mama! Boost your nutrient supply with a daily dose of multivitamins to safeguard your immunity and stimulate milk production.

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