Mama Secrets (May 2022 Edition): #igotitfrommymama

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If your friend decides to (fill in the blank), will you follow suit? Hands up mamas, if you have already used this phrase in your parenting journey! The classic ‘OMG I sound just like my mum’ moment is inevitable for many of us, especially those of us who are already mothers ourselves. In fact, a 2019 study shows that daughters are likely to start adopting the same attitudes and tastes as their mums in the first few years after having their first child.

From parenting habits, to words of wisdom passed down, we’ve learnt a lot from our mothers, much of which has helped to shape us as the women of strength we are today. In conjunction with Mother’s Day earlier this month, our #makchicmumtribe shared some funny, useful and important life lessons from their own mamas in our latest Mama Secrets session

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Life Lesson 1 – Character Building

To foster a growth mindset, to be independent and have a good heart. Our mums give us invaluable advice on characteristics we can cultivate for a happier, fulfilling life- as women, partners, friends, mothers and members of society.

  • To be kind:


  • And strong:


  • And to always keep learning.

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Life Lesson 2- Marriage 

Whether our parents were happily married, or were in a marriage that was less than ideal, they certainly had a tip or two from their personal experiences on what to do (or not to do) with regards to marriage.

  • Work as a team:

  • Choose a partner who will respect your opinions:

  • And foster money habits that will benefit your marriage: 

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Lesson 3- Family Matters

Family first! As the foundational building block for the many of us, our mums have shared ways of strengthening our family ties. Whatever structure your family takes on,  let us prioritise building a loving, supportive relationship with each other.

  • To be each other’s safe haven: 

  • In sickness and in health:

  • And to build long-term, secure relationships, to last through the years.

Life Lesson 4- Preparing For The Future

With life’s ups, downs and unexpected twists and turns, our mums never fail to remind us that it’s always good to be prepared for every season!

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A word of advice from almost all of our mums (and probably anyone wise, really!), is to save.  Nobody wants to end up struggling with money– so do start financial planning and investing for a financially secure future!

Self care and focusing on yourself is important too. (And no, we’re not just talking about sneaking in time for a long shower (or even those occasional pampering treats, important as they are too!). Remember to take the time to maintain your friendships as well, and continue pursuing your personal passions and hobbies.

Life Lesson 5- Practical Advice

From packing lists, to visiting etiquette- there are so many quirks and habits that we have inherited from our mothers!

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And to cap it off – a wonderful life motto from one wise mama (as well as an important reminder to us all):

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Value yourself – and value others as well.

You are worthy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this small summing-up of the many, many life lessons that we gotten from our mamas. Here’s to continuing to build positive generational cycles (as well as breaking any unhealthy ones) and working towards a better version of ourselves!


Elaine is a mummy of two who moved from the financial world to become an early childhood educator. She loves travelling, books and her cup of tea to unwind after a long day of diapers, school runs and pretend play.