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How do I make my child sleep?

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Having children and sleepless nights seem to go hand in hand.

In a recent sharing session we conducted on makchic’s Instagram, many of you shared some funny, but mostly frustrating bedtime challenges with your little ones. Long bedtime routines, late nights, having to rock or nurse baby to sleep and not sleeping through the night. These are just some of the challenges most faced, made worse by the restrictions during the Movement Control Order which drastically impacted our routines.

Deep down, you know it doesn’t always have to be this way. But you are too overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Or you may not be comfortable with the idea of letting your baby cry it out, which seems to work for many.

Rhythm Of Sleep Online Group Coaching Programme

Sarah Ong, a certified baby sleep therapist, is conducting a gentle sleepwork programme for modern parents to help children sleep peacefully through the night, without the cry it out or check and leave method. The 6-week Rhythm of Sleep programme employs a philosophy that allows you to apply parenting in a positive, connected, and loving way. It takes a holistic approach to toddler sleep and beyond.

This programme will teach you how to:

  • Find the right sleep schedule appropriate for your child, whereby you can almost predict nap times and bedtime so that your child falls asleep fast.
  • Learn Sarah’s secret to gain your child’s cooperation so that they actually look forward to going to bed.
  • Wean off undesirable or unsustainable sleep crutches such as nursing, rocking, bottle feeding, or excessive patting gradually and respectfully so that children go to bed feeling confident in their ability to get comfortable and fall asleep on their own.
  • Reduce the number of night wakings to only proper feeding times so that your baby’s sleep is minimally interrupted.
  • Have your baby sleep early, so deeply and safely so that you’re able to have more time to yourself in the evenings with peace of mind, have proper and meaningful conversations with your spouse without any interruption from the kids, catch up with your favourite show and go back to sleeping normally again.
  • Apply the practical tools in your parenting that will result in all around healthy, secure, competent and confident children.
  • Step into your next level of “Nurturing Leader” identity and become an amazing role model for your kids.

Troubleshoot your specific problem

The programme also not only gives you a practical step-by-step guide to baby and toddler sleep, but also holds a safe space for parents through personal mom clarity sessions and coaching calls. These calls provide direct access to the expert for you to go deeper and unravel whatever you’re struggling with. It also allows you the opportunity to troubleshoot your specific problem.

For many parents, this is a difficult and confusing time that can undermine yourself as a competent parent. In this programme, Sarah also offers to explore what typical toddler developments are, so that you learn how to best manage their challenging behaviours which may be the cause of sleep troubles.

Why should I sign up?

Don’t let sleep deprivation sap the joy of motherhood. Whether your child is a baby or toddler, it is possible for them to have a long and restful sleep. However, you will need to work towards it.

Take the first step and sign up for the Rhythm of Sleep Programme here. You and your child deserve this.


By Liyana Taff

Editor’s Note: While the makchic team members have had positive experiences with Sarah Ong’s programmes, this is not an official endorsement by makchic.

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