Easy, Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids that Won’t Break the Bank

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It’s that time of the year when parents are entrusted to prepare the most spooktacular costumes in town. But if you’ve left things to the last-minute and can’t think of any ideas (save for turning your kid into a mummy, using a leftover roll of toilet paper!), we’ve got you covered.

Check out these cute Halloween costumes that the little ones will love wearing. Ranging from the classics, to the more tongue-in cheek picks, these costumes are easy, breezy and just require run-of-the-mill household items to execute. Best of all? You can wait until October 30th to pull together these fuss-free outfits. Whether you decide to go trick-or-treating, or have a small Halloween party virtually or physically, one thing you can be sure of is proud little costume wearers!


Photo Credit: Bead & Cord

Grab a good, old black garbage bag, shiny foil paper and a pointy hat. Add on a broomstick and voilà – a wickedly simple witch costume ready to go! 

Materials: Large black garbage bag, foil paper, orange paper, tape 

Instructions: Cut up the garbage bag into a rectangle and fold it into half. Create a slit large enough for a head to fit in the middle of fold. Cut zig-zag patterns at the other end. Tape the orange strip to secure around the waist. Use tape to secure around the arms and sides of the body. Cut up foil stickers and decorate your costume and pointy hat.

Roll of Yarn

Photo Credit: Dukes and Duchesses

Here’s your chance to literally tie your kids up (in pursuit of your parently duties, of course!). Have a ball getting the littles tangled up in their favourite colour with this costume idea. 

Materials: Yarn, plastic sticks, rectangular paper (cut out to wrap around your child), clear tape

Instructions: Criss-cross the yarn along your child’s shoulder and hips. Wrap the paper around hip level and secure this with tape. Lastly, insert the plastic sticks as “needles” to complete the look. 

For the full steps, check out the original tutorial here.

Tooth Fairy 

Photo Credit: Erik Putz

Parents with princess-obsessed kids- this one’s for you! Turn those frilly dresses into creative tooth fairy costumes, using a pool noodle, a spare scrub and some toothbrushes. 

Materials: Frilly skirt/ tutu, a pair of wings, pool noodle, scrub, rubber bands/string, hairband, rectangle cardboard (cut out from a tissue box), toothbrushes


Toothbrush:  Make a slit at one end of the long pool noodle and slot in the scrub. Secure this with rubber bands/string. A broom stick can be slid into the noodle for additional stability.

Tiara:  Attach the cardboard behind the hairband. Fold along the bottom-long edge of the cardboard and cut horizontal snippets to make it bend along the hairband. Fold and tape under the hairband. Use tape to stick the toothbrushes vertically onto the cardboard.

Get the original tutorial here.

Bowl of Noodles

Photo Credit: Madeleine + Lamiah’s Instagram account

It’s not quite the famous noodle soup ah ma makes, but we are sure she will approve of this wearable rendition. Below are instructions for a simpler variation of the noodle costume pictured above (sans the messy hot glue and felt!). 

Materials: Large paper bowl, crushed paper, long string, orange , green and white felt/ white yarn, cling wrap

Instructions: Cut up felt circles and squares to make peas and carrots.  Cut the felt strips or use yarn as noodles.

Make a slit on both sides of the paper bowl, attaching the string to hang around your child’s neck. Fill up three-quarters of the bowl with crushed paper, add the prepared noodles, peas and carrots to the brim. Cover with cling wrap to secure.

Scuba Diver

Photo Credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

Recycle two plastic bottles, which serve as mini oxygen tanks for this crafty outfit. Accessorise with swim flippers and goggles, and the kids are all set to dive into those sweet treats! 

Materials: 2 large mineral bottles, coloured paper, duct tape, 2 long strings

Instructions: Stick coloured paper around the plastic bottles. Use duct tape to attach both of the bottles together. Tie one end of the string to the bottle neck, and the other end around the bottom of the bottle. Secure the string located at the bottom securely with duct tape. Repeat this step for the other bottle.

Get the original tutorial here

Zoom Call Participant 

Photo Credit: Project Kid

The past year and a half has been filled with seemingly endless online classes. Although schools are finally set to reopen soon, relive the “nightmare” with this creative Zoom call costume!

Materials: Cardboard  measuring 11 × 17 inches (28 x 18cm), completed printed template, mask, elastic string, black tape, permanent marker, blade


Zoom window: Create a black half-inch border along the cardboard using the black tape. Fold the edges of the tape over to the back. Paste approximately 18 frames from the completed template onto cardboard, leaving the centre clear. Measure your child’s head against the white cardstock. Use this template to trace on the cardboard and proceed to cut out. Tape the ends of the elastic band at the sides of both openings. 

Mask: Draw the mute symbol onto a white mask. 

Get the original tutorial here.

Skeleton Stick Figure 

Photo credit: All for the Boys

Looking for a family group Halloween outfit this year? Deck everyone out in these skeletal stick costumes, with personalised paper plate emojis faces as a finishing touch!

Materials: Long-sleeved shirt and pants, black duct tape, paper plate, blade, black marker, elastic string (tip: use string from old masks and tie them together for extra length)


Skeleton: Tape lines of black duct tape along your child’s clothes in the manner pictured above. 

Mask: Cut out holes in the paper plate for eyes. Tape the elastic string onto the back of the paper plate. Draw your child’s preferred emojis on the plate. 

Get the original tutorial here.


Photo Credit: Christine Chai

Create this cute and colourful costume in a matter of minutes! No measuring, printing, wrapping or even taping needed – just throw on a red shirt and scatter some furniture leg pads as spots. Believe it or not, this easy costume might actually leave you with some extra time for further elaboration.  Simply cut out some felt for your child’s wings and attach these to their clothes with safety pins for that fluttery effect! 

Materials: Red shirt, black dot stickers (tip: use furniture leg pads for 3D effect)

Optional: Felt for wings, black glasses, headband, red pipe cleaners for antenna

Bullseye Target 

Photo Credit: Crafts by Amanda

We make it easy for you to accomplish your target of completing a homemade costume this year! This tutorial from CraftsbyAmanda comes with a free printable pattern to make your life even easier. 

Materials: Plain black clothes, hairband, 2 pipe cleaners, 2 straws, double sided tape, black duct tape, cardboard, foil, printed bullseye template 


Target: Stick the bullseye printout onto your child’s clothes using double-sided tape.

Arrow: Wrap a pipe cleaner on each side of the hairband, making one end longer than the other. Slide the straws onto the pipe cleaners, cutting off any extra ends. Wrap the duct tape around these to secure.

Cut out the arrow and feather tip from cardboard. Wrap foil around these and attach to the respective ends of the straws.

Get the original tutorial here.


Photo credit: Getty Images/Anchiy

Make the most of mask-wearing season by creatively drawing mouth pieces on to enhance your Halloween costumes. Dress your little one up as a pirate and sketch on a rotten tooth, or a dashing beard. The possibilities are endless!

Bubble Tea 

Photo Credit: Pearl River Mart

The bubble tea craze may be over, but we still can’t get over how adorable and simple boba outfits are! 

Materials: Black paper, double sided tape, felt, duct tape, beanie, safety pins


Clothes: Cut out several circles from black paper. Use double sided tape to stick along the bottom of your child’s clothes. 

Straw: Cut out a rectangular piece from felt. Roll and tape the sides together. Stick on a few black circles. Slot this inside the edge of an upturned beanie, and secure with safety pins, if necessary.


Photo credit: Costume Works

The only time the kids are allowed to mess with mummy’s make up bag! Use eyeliner or face paint to draw on a moustache and eyebrows, then simply throw on a scarf and beret. Take a trip to the bakery to pick up an accompanying baguette (bonus: it even doubles up as breakfast too!). 

Materials: Face paint, scarf, beret, striped shirt, baguette 

And there you have it – no need for pricey, store-bought costumes. Put away your glue gun and that fiddly sewing kit, and turn this year’s costumes into a fun-filled (and fuss-free) affair with the kids. Happy crafting, mamas!


Elaine is a mummy of two who moved from the financial world to become an early childhood educator. She loves travelling, books and her cup of tea to unwind after a long day of diapers, school runs and pretend play.