B Studios – Fit for Pregnant Women and Mothers with Kids

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It’s been more than 2 years since I had my first child. As an active person, I longed to get back to exercising regularly. However, when you have a toddler and no full time help, it’s easier said than done.

This is why I was thrilled to discover B Studios – a gym where my little tot could toddle along.

The Dream Gym

My son, Isa joining me for my workout

B studios is located in Bangsar and has a play area where children can keep busy while mama works out.

Occasionally my son would come unto the workout floor and join us,  but at this child-friendly gym, that’s ok too.

A Gym for Mothers, by Mothers

From left to right: Nadia, Yunny and Shin Loh, the founders of B Studios

B Studios was founded by three hot mamas, Shin Loh, Yunny Gan and Nadia Azahari.  The friends have a shared passion for fitness and loved working out even before they became mothers.

However, when they were pregnant they realised there were limited safe fitness options for pregnant women.

“After we gave birth, we realised that getting back into shape post pregnancy had even more challenges. One of them was the mom-guilt over leaving your child at home whilst you went to the gym”, shared Shin.

Thus B Studios was conceptualised. The dream was to offer safe workout options for pregnant women as well as a child-friendly place for mothers interested in fitness.

Becoming Certified Trainers

B Studios offers safe options for pregnant women

The three underwent 3 months of full-day weekend classes to be certified as trainers under the American Council of Exercise (ACE).  Then they went for further accreditation for pre- and post-natal certifications.

“Some of us were still ‘breastfeeding’ our little ones then, so lunch breaks were spent pumping (breastmilk),”  Shin recalls.

Garnering a Following

Before deciding on the location of B Studios, Shin and her partners ran outdoor workout sessions for moms at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail park. Here, they developed a small following which they now call the ‘Mama B Tribe’.

“We’d be lying if we didn’t say it’s been challenging! But it’s also been really rewarding watching our little ‘baby’ materialise from what started off as a small idea. Like all mothers, juggling family, fitness and career is never easy. It’s a learning process that we’re still trying to perfect every day,” said Shin.

Fitness for Pregnant Women and Beyond

B Studios offers fitness for moms at different stages: whether pregnant, recovering post partum or wanting to stay fit beyond.

The flow chart above details their workout options as well as how to chose the right programme for one’s needs.

The packages at B Studios range from 4 to 40 classes and each package can be shared between 4 people (you and three of your friends). Four friends can buy a package together and work out together – now isn’t that great?

Additionally, when you buy a package, you’ll enjoy discounts at many of their partner businesses which include baby businesses and F&B outlets.

A New Vision – Building a Community

Shin says in addition to fitness, the trainers also want to build a strong community within their studio. They hope to encourage and empower their Mama B Tribe not just through fitness, but by enabling their community of women to have a place to share and also learn.

Which is why they are collaborating with the likes of parenting coach Rachel Kwacz to offer a safe space for women to share, learn and also meet other mothers.

Baby changing area

What are you waiting for mummies?

Find out more about B Studios  at https://bstudios.my or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Anne Aeria was all about 9-to-6 workdays until she gained a new boss, her son Isa Alexander Ruffin. Now a freelance writer and NirvanaFitness instructor, she spends her days chasing her toddler around and being wrapped around his little finger.

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