15 Healthy Versions of Your Toddler’s Favourite Food

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Kids can be extremely picky when it comes to the food they’ll eat. What they often like are food which are unhealthy like fries, nuggets, and soda. Dinnertime doesn’t have to be dreadful! Check out our list of healthy versions of your tot’s favourite food, so that everyone’s happy.


Replace the usual canned soup with this fun and healthy alternative. The eatable alphabets will not only raise your kids’ eyebrows, it will also keep them occupied throughout the meal! [Recipe here]


This quick and fuss-free recipe will leave you with no excuses to prepare a home-cooked soup. Wholesome and versatile, the ingredients and seasoning can be easily adjust to your liking. [Recipe here]


Everybody loves a good plate of fries. Inject nutrients into the otherwise greasy crowd favourite by substituting it with sweet potato. The baking method allows moms to keep the oil usage to a minimum. Packed with fiber and vitamins, your kids won’t know the difference. [Recipe here]


Fried vegetables as chips, now that is something new. Amazingly low in calories, this creative recipe will win you the praise of family and friends. Soon, it may even be your signature dish! [Recipe here]


You probably can’t steal Jessica Alba’s life, but you can absolutely steal what she likes to eat with this meatball recipe. Homemade meatballs are definitely much healthier because you get to control what goes into the pan. [Recipe here]


Still feeding your children frozen nuggets? Next time they ask for the bite-sized chicky goodness, make them these instead. Their tiny tummies will thank you for it. [Recipe here]


Surprise your kids by serving this crispy yet healthy alternative. These fast & fresh fish sticks double as a great appetizer or a pre-dinner snack. [Recipe here]


Enjoy the crunchy goodness that makes up a delightful part of everyone’s childhood, minus all the unhealthy bits. Instead of deep frying the chicken, oven bake the drumsticks to have a crispy exterior while maintaining it juicy inside. [Recipe here]


Healthy-eating should start early in life, so get your kids to eat greens by covering mushrooms, olives, spinach, and carrots all in a blanket of cheese. [Recipe here]


Who would have thought yoghurt can go so well with mac & cheese? This tried and tested recipe is time-saving and easy to prepare, and is perfect as breakfast for kids who have early morning classes. [Recipe here]


These world-healthiest chocolate chip cookies are great alternatives to the packaged, high in sugar ones you can find in the supermarket. Make it a fun Sunday activity, where the entire family works together and enjoy a batch of freshly made cookies. [Recipe here]


Almost fat-free, these banana blueberry muffins are so skinny that they are only 131 calories each! If you can get the identical yummy taste but not the extra calories and fat, life can be good. [Recipe here]


No child can resist chocolate puddings, it is a proven fact. What’s great about this glutten and dairy-free recipe is that it allows you to secretly use power food like banana and avocado as the base. Nutritious and yummy, double win. [Recipe here]


Organic and nutritious, this is what you should have at the start of each productive morning. Made only from simple ingredients like greek yoghurt, banana, and whole wheat flour, you don’t need extraordinary cooking skill to whip this dish up. [Recipe here]


Even adults find it hard to say no to pizza sometimes. Using a large cookie sheet as base, throw in some greens and seasoning that suits your family’s taste palette, and let the mixture bake to become a plate of heavenly goodness. [Recipe here]

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