Zana Zelephant: Cute Handmade Bling for Trendy Little Girls

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Dressing-up plays a big role in every little girl’s life. Whether she wants to dress like a princess or a superhero, it’s all a form of interactive play. Labels such as Zana Zelephant, a Malaysian children’s accessories line, offer a range of colourful necklaces, bracelets, rings and even hair pins that give little girls the chance to express themselves through their own personal style.


Zana Zelephant’s accessories are all carefully handcrafted and made in Malaysia. There’s a wide selection of colours and cute fruits, veggies and animal-shaped beads and pendants to choose from – ice cream cones, pineapples, pandas, bunnies and many more!


Zana Zelephant accessories are currently available for sale online at Etsy, with prices from RM19 to RM79.

For more information and updates, follow Zana Zelephant on Instagram.

Image credit: Zana Zelephant.