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5 Positive Things You Can Say to a New Parent

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There are countless articles on the Internet about what not to say to new parents, but what if someone you know has had a baby and you’re unsure what to say when you pay them a visit? Bringing a new life into the world is an emotional time for any couple. It also comes with feelings of joy, pride, nervousness and sleep deprivation. Here how you can be more supportive when visiting a new parent in your life:

1. “You look great!”

The new mum is no doubt feeling a bit shell-shocked and overwhelmed after giving birth, so tell her how well she did and how great she’s looking.  You could say something like, “I can’t believe you’ve just had a baby, you look great!” to make her day.

2. “Do you need anything from the shop?”

Venturing out of the house and running errands with a newborn baby can be difficult, so ask the new mum if you could pick up a few things for her or better still, ask for her shopping list.

3. “Can I bring you something to eat?”

Like most new parents, figuring out what to put on the dinner table may be a chore, especially when you’re trying to settle in with a baby. Offering to drop off a meal is a practical way to help new parents transition into their new roles.

4. “You’re doing a great job!”

A new mum or dad might feel a bit nervous about their new role and responsibilities; parenting is a steep learning curve after all. Encouraging words will help them feel good about the job they are doing so keep it coming!

5. “Yes.”

Do what you can to help a new mum out and make things flow more smoothly for her. Nothing means more than a helping hand who would be glad to – for example – hold the baby while the new mum showers or takes a quick nap, or take out the trash, or … well, you get the idea!

Image Credit: Envisioning the American Dream