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A Travel Checklist: Must-Have Items For a Family Road Trip

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If you’ve ever been on a road trip with little ones, you’d know packing can be a bit stressful. From baby’s necessities to toddler’s food supplies, one may end up drastically overpacking or worse, forgetting some essentials for your holiday!

With current rising costs, you also want to spend wisely on anything for your babies or kids. If you are always writing reminders for what you need to bring for your family, here is a makchic-approved checklist to tick off for a great road-tripping adventure.

happy little girl with family sitting in the car


Baby/Toddler Must-Have Items


  • Diaper bag, changing mat and diapers

What can we say, will there ever be enough? They say 7 diapers per day is a good number, but extras will always be welcome for emergencies. Get some pull-up diapers like diaper pants for more active toddlers, which are a breeze to get on and off. Preferable when your little ones are mobile and active, and imperative when there aren’t suitable changing facilities around.

  • Muslin cloths and wipes, wipes, wipes!

Muslins will come in handy, and wipes will be absolutely indispensable. Use wipes on your babies, and let’s face it – on seats, tables and anything that can get dirty!

  • Reusable shopping bag and a few plastic bags

While we would prefer reusable bags to store our things, you might want to keep a few plastic bags handy for soiled diapers and just-in-case emergencies and accidents.


Must-Have Toiletries for the Family


  • Family toiletries

Don’t forget your toothbrushes and bathroom necessities! Either get small refillable bottles with your family’s favourite suds, or do as we do and get an all-in-one child-friendly body wash and shampoo.

  • Disinfecting hand gel

One for the handbag or diaper bag, this will keep your hands as sanitised as you can when dealing with little ones.

  • Tissues

A no-brainer essential! Get a box or two for the car, and some smaller packets for your handbag or diaper bag.


Kids’ Must-Haves for Fun and Sun

  • Toys and books

Bring a small rucksack of your child’s favourites. For a smooth ride, you can also encourage your little ones to entertain themselves with removable window decals to peel on and off during the car trip, liquid motion/timer toys or a Rubik’s Cube.

  • Clothes, shoes or sandals, bathing suit and a hat!

Pack outfits that take the weather into account. Dark colours can hide a multitude of stains. Remember to be equipped with swim wear, so you and your kids can have a splash about anytime!

  • Sun hat and sunscreen

Get some needed sun protection for the family, with the highest SPF you can find for the babies.


Must-Haves for Family Feeding


  • Baby/Toddler Formula Milk and related necessities

Make sure you remember to bring the necessary bottles, sterilisers and milk powder for baby or toddler if formula feeding.

  • Water bottles, sippy cups and drinks for adults

Make sure your children has easy access to water, and while you are at it, have a drink or two ready for mum and dad too. Instant coffee in a can for the driver, perhaps?

  • Some non-perishable foods

Sometimes you will feel like eating in, or having something light for a meal during a holiday. Bring some easy to prep non-perishables, like instant noodles or pasta and pasta sauce.

  • Snacks

Last but not least, what are road trips without snacks for the family! With plenty of naughtier treats for adults to choose (and hide from the kids), it will be good to have some healthier options for the little ones.



Adults should also remember their important travel documents, first-aid essentials, phone chargers and a good music playlist for the journey!

And there you have it folks, a road trip check list for champions and their littler champs. Plan ahead, stock the essentials, take a deep breath, and then go with the flow – a recipe for good holiday fun.

By Nellie Liang


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