Top Three Things To Do For Wonderful Baby Bath Memories

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There are endless things a new mother worries about – is baby feeding enough? Why is he crying so much? What do I do when she has a temperature?

It’s normal to be anxious about so many scenarios with a baby, but bath time does not have to be one of them. How can you have a comfortable, safe and wonderful bath time with your baby?

Here are the top three things you can do for your little one, and for those delightful baby bath memories to last a lifetime.

1. Help your baby enjoy bath time

Pick a time of day that you can devote to your baby and are not expecting interruptions. It’s bath time, so get into a comfortable mode with your baby. Prepare everything that you need beforehand well, and make sure baby is awake and in a good mood – not too sleepy, tired or hungry!

If you’re making bath time a crucial component to your bedtime routine, lovely warm water can help baby relax. If you don’t have a bath thermometer (around 37˚C is best), use your elbow to gauge the temperature. The water should feel neither hot nor cold.

Don’t worry if baby is wriggly or seems distressed at first, try to soothe baby with a calm voice or sing a gentle song. Use toys as distractions for older babies. And practice makes perfect, you’ll both enjoy bath time in no time!

2. Stay Safe

Choose a good tub or improvise well with a sink or basin. Keep safe by using non-slip mats or support your new baby with foam or fabric bath supports. If you’re new at this, it would be great to have extra hands to help during your first few bath times. Ensure your necessary supplies – wash cloths, baby products, bath towels or cotton wool – are within easy reach.

Stay with your baby and never leave baby alone, not even for a few seconds!

When it comes to products for your baby’s precious skin, make sure you’re using the safest possible baby products, preferably with a proven safety profile for use with babies.

Paediatrician-recommended and paraben-free, Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash is a great choice for your baby to keep your mind perfectly at ease.

Not only is it soap-free, tear-free and pH balanced, Cetaphil Baby Wash’s hypoallergenic formula also comes with 1/3 moisturiser to ensure baby’s delicate skin will be left super soft and clean.

3. As Nature Intended

Remember that babies are delicate little beings who don’t need rigorous cleaning or scrubbing. Baby’s hair produces very little oil, so you don’t have to wash her hair every day either.

You can wash your baby with water or use a mild baby cleanser or bath emollient.

Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash is so trusted by mothers that a recent survey showed 10 out of 10 moms agreeing it gently cleanses & moisturises baby’s skin.

Mild and gentle enough for your little one, the moisturiser in Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash is also full of natural goodness, with soothing aloe vera and almond oil.

With a trusted brand bringing you peace of mind for your baby’s safety and comfort, you can relax and bond with your baby during bath times. Many babies love having their arms and legs massaged with gentle strokes during a nice warm bath.

Savour these sweet moments, and perhaps get your partner to snap a photo or two while you’re at it – these are memories you’ll love keeping!

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