This Is What Parental Leave Looks like around the World

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Welcoming an infant into this world is tiring enough but it seems that some employers just don’t understand. According to an infographic from Citation, traditional gender roles still play a huge part in dictating that mums get more days off than dads. In fact, Saudi Arabian fathers get only one day of paid leave. That’s barely enough time to shower a newborn with enough cuddles and kisses before heading back to the office again.

Back home, the standard maternity leave in Malaysia is 60 days (or up to a year for mums working in the civil service). However, there’s no law that actually requires employers to provide paternity leave.

Come 2016, the most idyllic place to live as parents, is Iceland. A shared leave will be implemented whereby Mum gets 5 months and Dad gets the next 5, followed by two months of shared leave. That’s certainly a great option for both parents and baby too, as co-parenting time can be established.

The infographic below outlines paid parental leave around the world:


Text by Anna Lee.

Image Credit: Citation Professional Solutions.