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The Secret Life of a Mom Who Got Everything Done

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Working a full-time job while raising kids will occasionally take a toll on you. But don’t sweat it, you’re only human and it happens to the best of us. Take the day off, you deserve it! We scoured the internet for the best online services that brings almost everything to your doorstep so you won’t have to leave the house… all…day…long.

Here’s what your day might look like if you used all these online services:

6:00 – It’s my day off! Finally, I can spend the entire day at home. No makeup, no office clothes, no traffic. Today is just going to involve me doing absolutely nothing. Wait, why am I awake again? Going back to sleep now.

8:00 – Rise and shine! It’s so nice to wake up when the hours are double digits. How many more years till my retirement?

9:00 – The house is a mess. I really need to tidy up. But no, it’s my off day! I’ll just hire some help from Tidy N Shines for the day.

10:00 – Yay, my groceries are here! Thank God Tesco does home deliveries now. I don’t have to drive out, go through a massive jam, look for parking and wait in line at the cashier. I save so much time this way.

10:30 – Meh, too lazy to cook now after putting away all those groceries. So tired. I think I’ll just order in. Should I go with The Lean Canteen or Chopstick Diner? Hmm, decisions decisions. I think I’ll start ordering in more often. It’s super convenient. I want to try Dish by Ili next time. The food comes in tiffin carriers, just like how my mum used to pack my school lunch box.

11:00 – I found out about this really cool app the other day from one of my girlfriends. It’s called Carousell. You can sell all your unwanted stuff on it. I already sold 3 items but now I have to go the post office to ship them! BOO!

11:50 – Found a website that helps you ship stuff! Thank you Easy Parcel, you’re a life saver.

12:00 – Where’s my food? So hungry!

12:30 – Food is here! I went with The Lean Canteen’s Salmon Khan dish. Hehe, “Salmon Khan”, so punny!

13:30 – My new shoes from Zalora just arrived. They offer Cash on Delivery payment method, making it easier than ever to purchase a perfect head to toe look.

14:00 – Ugh, I chipped a nail while doing the laundry. I need to get call Nails on Wheels for a manicure stat.

15:00 – Looks like I’m going to need some help with the laundry. I’m gonna call EasyWash who can pick up, wash and deliver laundry within 24 hours!

15:30 – Merdeka is coming up. I should throw a get together for the family! I want something fancy. I should call The Party Project to help set it all up.

16:00 – I’m gonna need a caterer to help me with all the food. Perhaps The Big Benquet Catering Company? The food has to be amazing so Susan who lives 2 houses down will finally shut up about her “delicious” macarons. Please lah.

16:30 – These pressed juices from La Juiceria are the perfect tea time treat!

17:30 – My schedule was filled with back-to-back meetings yesterday. Running around in heels did a number on my arches. I need a foot rub; good thing I called FootLoose KL for an appointment today.

18:30 – The furniture guys called. The couch we sent in for reupholstering is done and they want us to pick it now. Going to call the Be Malas guys to help me out.

19:00 – Had leftover pizza for dinner. I feel so guilty now. I need to jog this off tomorrow morning.

20:00 – Time to hit the shower!

22:13 – Finally finished answering all my emails! Being away for one day and I’m already feeling the pressure. Got to get some shut eye soon. It’s back to the salt mines in the morning. Zzzzzz.

Got more ideas or apps that can help busy parents? Leave a comment.