The School: Malaysia’s First Enrichment Mall is Now in Session

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COME to The School

What exactly is an “enrichment mall”, you ask? It’s a place where urban mothers shop and pamper themselves while their children learn and have fun – all under one roof.

Located in the new phase of Jaya One in Petaling Jaya, The School is made up of a mix of tenants, catering to both mothers and children. While 40% of the mall is expected to house businesses that promote creative learning in the arts, sciences, languages and arithmetics, it will also have feature fashion and apparel, food and beverages, convenience and essential stores, and specialty stores.

“Each of The School’s enrichment tenant provide unique offerings that few Malaysians have experienced before. The enrichment tenants we have secured meet our aim to provide educational alternatives beyond the classroom to help parents empower their little ones to explore their unique interests and be thought-leading kids,” said Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd Executive Director Charles Wong, in a press release.

Based on a survey conducted by the people behind The School, two in three mothers enroll their children in up to two enrichment classes a week. A majority of them attend to personal needs while waiting for their children.


The School 3D Alphabets

The Tree

We’re very excited about the mall’s family-friendly environment. Get this: fully equipped parenting rooms, strollers on request and designated parking for mothers and hybrid vehicles.

The School by Jaya One has not forgotten about the husbands and dads. “We are also throwing a decked-out dad’s crash lounge where they can be with their children while mom gets some time off to head for the spa or go shopping,” Wong told the New Straits Times.

Key learning tenants include:

  • Academy of Rock: dedicated to teaching rock and popular music.
  • Jr. Science Lab: a learning and discovery centre where science is fun and engaging.
  • Learning Fresh: a language school that teaches children English critically and creatively.
  • Blok Space: where children five-years and up enhance self-learning skills and imagination with building blocks.
  • BeeBop Circus: A movement learning centre offering age-appropriate and fun thematic lessons using music, dance, colours, numbers, physical activity, and simple gymnastics.

Visit The School’s website to find out more on what they have to offer.