Study: Baby Boys & Baby Girls Should Drink Different Formula Milk

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Dylan by Zhao !

A study carried out by Professor Katie Hinde, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, gives reason to believe that formula milk should be tailored differently for boys and girls as the growth of a boy differs from that of a girl.

During Hinde’s speech at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago, she described her work in rhesus monkeys that showed mothers produce milk with 35% more fat and protein for male babies, and even richer milk when the male was firstborn. When mother’s feed new born girls, they are said to produce more milk overall but with less fat and more calcium to support the growth and strengthen the babies bones.

As a result, research shows that formulated milk would benefit the baby if categorised for boys and girls. “Boys and girls have different developmental trajectories, so if they are not getting what they need, their development will not be optimal,” said Hinde.

Although it’s not entirely explained as to why the milk produced by the mother varies as a result of the child’s gender, it’s understood that female babies and male babies respond differently to the milk they are drinking. Far more research has yet to be executed to find as to how constituents of milk affect the babies overall.

Source: The Raw Story

Image credit: Flickr user Zhao !

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