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Sewing Fun for Mummy and Kids at Modern Sewing Market 2018

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Sewing and crafting can be an excellent way for parents to bond with their children. The timeless pastime comes in a variety of activities, such as doing hand embroidery, cross-stitching, simple sewing projects and even fabric painting. While it does take practice, it is relatively easy to teach basic skills to children once they are good at following sequential instructions.

A community of modern sewists came together over Instagram, subsequently working together to organise the the first Modern Sewing Market in 2017. On 28 April 2018, team makchic checked out this year’s market in Passion 3 Petaling Jaya!

First Of Its Kind

The Modern Sewing Market aims to celebrate the sewing and crafting community in Malaysia. The one-day event brings sewing and crafting entrepreneurs, hobbyist and instructors together, allowing them to exchange ideas, gifts and expand their network.

This year’s offering saw booths selling a variety of beautiful and rare fabrics like African cotton and Kimono silks. There was also a myriad of workshops designed for beginners such as a fabric painting and learning Shibori tie-dye. There was of course, lessons on embroidery, patchwork, basic sewing and also cross-stitch for kids!

Workshops for children

Children were enrolled into the basic sewing and cross-stitch workshop. Dedicated instructors taught them basic skills to make a simple tote-bag and mini cross-stitch project.

Mummies were able to learn more sewing and crafting skills at other workshops too. They were also able to acquire beautiful fabrics for future projects at the market!

Congratulations to the organising team of Modern Sewing Market 2018. We had a splendid time at the event and we look forward to a more exciting round next year! To get updates on next year’s Modern Sewing Market and more, check out their website here.

Photo credit: @modernsewists on Instagram and author’s own photos

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