Moms4Projects: Job-Searching Website for Mothers

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Living in the 21st century, working moms are no longer seen as a strange or taboo phenomena. It is absolutely fine for women to work and juggle motherhood at the same time, and being a mom should not restrict a woman from doing what she wants.


Understanding just that, Moms4Projects came into reality. Founded in 2013, Moms4Projects is an online site that provides a platform for mothers to work based on the environment and hours they prefer. Mom’s who may have less time to spare then have the flexibility to work from home or on a project/contract basis.

The mom’s version of JobStreet makes job-seeking a whole lot easier for moms who lead hectic lifestyles, as all of the available jobs goes through a series of reviews before being posted up on the website.


In addition, members will get updates and special invites to events, workshops, and seminars that are beneficial in helping members in securing the perfect job. Exclusive offers are also shared from time to time, making it a community of passionate women to mingle and inspire one another, as opposed to just a regular job directory site.

For more information, check out Moms4Projects Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin pages.

Image credit: Moms4Projects.