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#MakchicAndMe Mother’s Day 2020 Contest Winners

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Nooralina. Natasha. Phillipa. These three women are the winners of makchic’s third annual #makchicAndMe Mother’s Day Contest – and heroes to us all.

They have stepped up in their communities to provide food to the hungry, empower the next generation, and save the environment while helping those in need. These mums are making a difference to the wellbeing of those who are unable to support themselves due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions, who are not yet of age, or who lack basic essentials. Read on and you may feel motivated to similarly volunteer for a cause dear to your heart.

The meal provider who delivers necessities to the powerless

Nooralina Ahmad or @MommyDhal as she is known started out by helping migrant worker friends who had no income when the Movement Control Order (MCO) commenced. She donated and delivered food items to keep them from starving. Requests for help then streamed in from the disabled, the elderly, refugees, and single parents who were desperate. Soon she and her friends started the crowdfunded #MommyDhalMovement to raise funds and donations of food, diapers, and other necessities. This mum to five young children also works as a lunchbox caterer. Her friend @SafinasSab nominated Nooralina due to her endless support towards others “It’s already hard enough to be a mum, but she just managed to overcome all the struggles and keep on striving!”

The helper who builds children’s self-esteem

A lifelong helper, Natasha Hashman Jamalkhir has never failed to volunteer to be of service. “I knew Natasha when she was a volunteer at ibu Family Resource Group. She is a busy mother of three boys but always made time to turn up at AGMs and to pitch in at jumble sales and other events,” wrote Jane Wong in her nomination. Natasha has since founded Persatuan Untuk Anak Kita (PUAK Payong) together with activist Syed Azmi and Tiara Shahrani to help instil children with self-esteem, knowledge and skills. Recent projects include raising and channelling funds to poor families and NGOs in need during this MCO, assisting hardcore poor deaf children, kidzpreneur bazaars, and a pitch and mingle session around issues related to rare disorders.

The connector who channels surplus food to those who need it most

“Ever since we were children, I always knew that Pipa had a big heart. She is still reaching out to help the community in these difficult times by gathering potentially wasted food from supermarkets to be sent directly to needy individuals and teaching them how to store and reduce food wastage,” explained Cressa Chan in her moving nomination. Pipa or Phillipa Yoong helps to manage the volunteers of #TheLostFoodProject which salvages nutritious food from markets, retailers, and other outlets to charities that are in need. This pioneering food bank rescues quality surplus food that would otherwise end up in landfills, and redistributes the food to those who need it most – regardless of religion, gender, age, disability or ethnic group. When she is not volunteering, Pipa is an active mum of two beautiful daughters and coaches the National Waterski Team.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to all who entered our contest and shared about mothers who are quietly making a difference to the wellbeing of those around them. These everyday heroes are truly inspirational.

Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to all our wonderful Pampering Care Package Partners:

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In case you missed it, you can check out the contest here.

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