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Mothers Who Want To Learn Something New

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Do you sometimes think back to the you of 10 or even five years ago? Do you remember how you had interests beyond your children, leisure time and hobbies, even? Well, guess what, mum – the fun and learning doesn’t have to stop. You can pick up new skills in motherhood that extend beyond ‘How to Change a Nappy with One Hand in 30 seconds Flat!’

Having trouble thinking about things that might interest you, that you can work around kids’ bedtimes and work commitments? Here are some ideas:

Staying hands-on with craft

If you’re good with your hands, why not pick up a tactile craft like sewing, macrame or even jewellery-making? Pinterest should be your go-to site for ideas. You might even be able to turn it into a side-hustle and make some money!

If you’ve got young children, taking up hobbies you can easily set down and come back to might be the way to go. Think practical. Consider whether it’s something time-consuming or messy, or safe to have around the kids.

With stores like Spotlight around the place and tonnes of workshops you can attend in Klang Valley, you have plenty of choices. From brush lettering to embroidery and pouring art to candle-making, check out The Craft Crowd or Craftiviti for new classes every month!

Get snap happy

A few years ago it felt like almost every other person had a DSLR camera. But then, with the rapidly-improving quality of mobile phone cameras, almost anyone could take a good photo.

Look, it is possible to take a decent photo just by pointing and shooting. However,  there’s something to be said about learning how to take a great photo by learning how to use a good camera. You’d also have some subjects to test your skills out on – and think of the frame-worthy photos of the kids you could get!

There are online and weekend classes offered by places like the Nikonian Academy for basic to intermediate photographers so you can get the hubs to take the kids for a few hours.

Make your own beauty products

If the idea of making something usable appeals to you, why not explore the possibility of making your own beauty products? Again, Pinterest has heaps of ideas for you to try out. You can make anything from your own soap to candles and exfoliating scrubs.

Not only will you know exactly what goes onto your family’s skin, these items can also make great gifts to friends and other family members. And think about how delicious your house will smell while you’re making a batch of vanilla caramel candles!

Get active

If being physically active is your jam, good for you, mama. Not only will you be engaging your mind, you’d also be engaging your core (muscles).

There are a heap of classes to choose from if you’re in the Klang Valley, from pole dancing, aerial yoga and exotic dance at places like Viva Vertical or adult ballet classes.

If team sports are more your thing, why not join a women’s futsal or football social team? Not only will you be getting a great workout, you’ll make friends, too.

Or has there always been a fitness goal you’d like to pursue? Perhaps you’d like to run a marathon, but you’re not the running kind? Start slow by setting yourself small, achievable goals. Set yourself a target like completing a 5km run by the middle of the year. Join a Facebook group for people with the same goal as you.

Involve the kids

If you’ve got older kids, why not involve them in your new hobby? Volunteering? Check out Hati.my for inspiration. Starting your own vegetable garden or green patch? Head to Roots and Shoots Malaysia or Free Tree Society. These are hobbies you can enjoy with your own family. Not only will you be cutting down on screen time, you’ll reap the benefits of having an activity you can do together, like a sense of closeness and a common goal.

We loved the craze in Australia and America of hand-painted rocks with simple pictures or nice messages painted on them being hidden for others to find them.

If you’ve got a big overseas holiday coming up, why not learn the local language together? Duolingo is a great free site for learning a new language. You can practise together and have the added benefits of knowing a few simple words and phrases.

Enjoy your new hobby, mama – and the friends you can make along the way!

Faye is a former journalist now working in marketing and communications. She lives in Darwin, where she enjoys the best of Southeast Asia (the food and night markets) and Australia (the workday that ends punctually at 4.21pm), with her husband, toddler and small dog.