iOli Malaysia: Chic Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes for Working Moms

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iOli Malaysia One

In today’s times, mothers often face the difficulty of balancing between motherhood, profession and personal lives, because of all them come with different demands. Having said that, iOli Malaysia, a homegrown and upscale nursing friendly wear has one clear aim for first time and few times mothers: to allow them to go back to their professional lives post-baby in style, without having to sacrifice nursing practicalities.

iOli Malaysia Three

“Our pledge to mothers goes beyond fashion,” says Yan Lim, founder of iOli Malaysia. “We are a fashion brand with a core purpose to make mothers feel beautiful, confident and empowered.”

They believe that one of the ways to make mothers feel confident about embracing motherhood is to allow them to go back to work without having to worry about their breastfeeding duties. Thus, they have created contemporary, smart and versatile clothing with proper access on chest for nursing and pumping mothers, without eliminating the fashionable touch.

iOli Malaysia Two

On top of that, iOli Malaysia is also doing its part for charity. As announced at the launch, they will also be running the iOli Malaysia Giving Back program, where they will donate RM2 to NGO or causes that help the less fortunate for every dress purchased. Those interested to purchase can visit their website, while any NGO who would like to collaborate for the program can get in touch via ioli.malaysia@gmail.com.

Image Credit: iOli Malaysia.