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Honeysuckle: Leak-Proof Breastmilk Storage Bags That Are Biodegradable Too!

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Why HS

Breastmilk is called “liquid gold” for a reason – once you’ve gone through the trouble to pump milk for your baby, you want to make sure you’re saving every last drop properly! Which is why Honeysuckle has created double-zipper seal breastmilk bags that are virtually leak-proof. With thick, reinforced sides and bottom, you don’t have to worry about these bags bursting open when the milk is frozen. These bags come pre-sterilised and are biodegradable. They also fit most international breast pumps (Medela, Lansinoh and Ameda) so you can pump directly into the storage bags using the Honeysuckle d’Adapter.

Find the Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags at The Love Jars. Visit Honeysuckle’s official website for more info.