Gift ideas for Dads, by a Dad

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“Abah, Happy Father’s Day!”

“What’s this?” my father asked.

“It’s a necktie. I bought it with Mak,” says an 8-year-old me.

My celebration with Abah was very predictable. It has always been a vicious repeat of gifts: neckties, shirts and wallets. Now that I am a father myself, I have realised that sometimes it is the simplest experiences that bring the most joy.

So kids, if you ask me what I would like for Father’s Day, this would be my list:

1. Let me control the home remote control, for once

On Father’s Day, maybe we can watch what I want instead? Let me choose a movie or a series that we can watch together. I promise that it will not be a dull one. It will be nice if you can get snacks and drinks – and of course, I get the best seat. With the Premier League restarting, perhaps we can watch a game of football together and be dressed in our favourite teams’ kit (Ok you can stop rolling your eyes now)

2. How about a match of FIFA? We can do Animal Crossing too

My PS4 game time is now occupied with Minecraft. For Father’s Day, it would be awesome if I can have a FIFA match between your uncle and me. You can support me kick your uncle’s a**. If you insist on playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch, can I be the leader and set the place up?

3. Gimme some lovin’

Who says big boys do not need hugs? I love them! I would love a great big hug from you and your mum and be told how much you love and appreciate me. What more on Father’s Day.

4. Steak dinner for me, please!

The idea of a nice meal, especially with a big juicy steak sounds great. It can be at a nice restaurant or just at home. Oh! Perhaps we can even have a big family BBQ dinner, at the porch or the garden and celebrate your granddads too.

5. How I met your mother… 

Go ahead and spend the day asking me anything. I would love to share how I met your mother, how I took the Intrakota bus to meet Poetic Ammo (they were a really cool local hip hop group) or even about my favourite lepak joint before I became domesticated. I may even let you in on a secret on how to escape the rotan based on my experiences with your Atok and Opah.

6. Priceless treasures hunt

If you have time, maybe let’s do a treasure hunt around the house. Hide some items that are memorable to you and tell me why it is significant. They can be photos, my written words or things that we created or purchased together.

7. A little bit on the lower back

Who doesn’t love a backrub? The long hours of video meetings have caused a strain on my back. I love the warmth of your love taking care of me.

8. Teman me out today?

Perhaps you can help me with the errands, get the groceries or meals for the day? I would love your company. We can also have a stroll at the park, or even go on a short hike at the forest reserve.

9. If you insist on a gift for me…

I know I already have 60-odd pairs of shoes and I only have a pair of feet. But I just love collecting shoes! It doesn’t have to be pricey, I will love them just because you got it for me for Father’s Day. If your mum doesn’t agree, how about adding to my collection of LEGO Mini Figures or my Star Wars battleships?

10. You are great!

Maybe I am asking too much from you, perhaps let’s keep it truly simple. Just tell me how special I am in your own words. I would love to read what you really think of me and not just what is printed in the Father’s Day card. Or you could fill up a jar with words you would use to describe me. That would be interesting.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be an elaborate celebration. I am sure all fathers out there would agree, the greatest joy is to be celebrated with one intent – knowing that we are appreciated and loved for all that we have done thus far.

Here’s wishing all father figures a Happy Father’s Day!

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By Ikhwan Nazaruddin

Ikhwan is an Agile Coach that values high-quality product and leadership with empathy. He is a Sneakerhead that owns more shoes than his awesome wife. Together they are raising three wonderful kids.

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