Why Sunway Pyramid is our latest family-friendly go-to mall

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Remember the days when you would roll out of bed, call some friends to hunt for the best brunch spots in town, catch a movie after and do some window shopping in between to kill time?

Once you become a parent, those days of spontaneity seem like a distant dream.

With children in tow, every outing involves intensive planning and analysis of various factors and possibilities, i.e. distance to location, the convenience of parking, child-friendly facilities available, and the list goes on and on.

After more than two decades of serving customers from around Klang Valley and beyond, Sunway Pyramid recently underwent a revamp which has brought it high on our list of family-friendly destinations in the Klang Valley.

Here’s a list of why Sunway Pyramid is one of our go-to malls:

1. New Baby Rooms

Mothers, rejoice! The baby rooms here are clean, spacious and has all the amenities that you need and more. The room comes with air purifiers, hand sanitizers, baby wash, and moisturizers as well as bottle cleansers. They also have hot and cold water dispensers for your convenience.

Baby rooms are equipped with air purifiers, hand sanitizers, baby wash, and moisturizers as well as bottle cleansers

While you are tending to your baby, the older kids can be kept occupied with educational wall toys or wait at the toddler-friendly bench. There are also child-sized toilets available so the kids can settle their potty business at one go.

If all that doesn’t impress you, the good folks here give out emergency diapers at the concierge counters, and you can even rent nursing covers and milk bottle warmers.

Baby Rooms are located at:

– LG2 behind Ah Cheng Laksa

– LG2 behind Hair Fonts

– LG1 behind Tera

– LG1 behind Marry Merry

– G Floor behind Sole What

2. Service & Amenities @ Concierge Counters

On top of the diapers, nursing covers and milk bottle warmers aforementioned, you can also obtain items for your child’s safety like temporary tattoos with emergency contact details and wrist links to keep your young explorers close. Double strollers are also available for tired tiny feet.

If you have an elderly family member with you, you may rent mobile walkers and power wheelchairs for their comfort and convenience. There are also complimentary adult diapers if needed. You can also request for the Senior Privilege Wristbands where you can write your contact details on so others can assist in the unfortunate case where you might be separated. From now until 31 December 2018, this wristband entitles the wearer to great promotions at selected stores in the mall.

Temporary tattoos and wrist links for the kids
Golden Generation wristbands for the elderly

3. Family Parking

One of our most important criteria for a family-friendly mall is the convenience of parking, and Sunway Pyramid certainly scores high points. The parking spaces are bright with clear signage, and they have designated parking spots for families with young children and strollers. Located at B1, the family parking area is within close proximity to the mall entrances and lifts.

Preferred Parking spaces are also available at level B1 and CP2.

If you happen to be an electric vehicle owner, you are in luck as you can plug in your vehicles at the Mercedes-Benz EV charging bays located at level B1.

4. Grab Lounge

If ride-sharing is your preferred mode of transport, you can enjoy the comfort of the first ever Grab Lounge at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid while waiting for your ride.

The lounge also enables passengers without a Grab account to book a ride through the booking kiosks available.

5. More than 1000 shops

There are more than 1000 shops in Sunway Pyramid ranging from fashion, music, books, pharmacies, electrical products, home furnishing, wellness, IT, and the list goes on. There are also plenty of dining options, and you are guaranteed to find something to suit every member of the family. Pyramid’s anchor tenants, AEON and Parkson are currently undergoing refurbishment and are set to complete very soon. The new departmental store promises to be bigger and brighter, welcoming shoppers to a more contemporary and comfortable shopping experience.

Aeon & Parkson – now bigger and brighter

6. Family activities and amenities

Sunway Pyramid Ice

The first in Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid Ice has recently been upgraded with a cool new look, pun intended. Featuring refurbished walls, new flooring, and specially designed pillars, ice-skating here would make a fun experience for the whole family. Alternatively, you could always leave your partner here with the children, and spend your time leisurely shopping.

There are special group discounts on both weekdays and weekends, so do ask the ticket counter for more info.

Paradise Garden

If the crowd in the mall gets too overwhelming, take a stroll at the Paradise Garden, which is specially designed with nature and relaxation in mind. There’s plenty of foliage and an impressive view of Sunway Lagoon. There is also a children’s playground nearby for your kids to burn off their energy.

Oasis Garden

You’ll also be greeted by a sensorial treat when you ride on Sunway Pyramid’s escalators from CP2 to CP7! Each floor is a unique experience with sounds from different species of birds, monkeys and frogs.

Surf, Charge, Chill

Need a place to charge your devices, rest your feet or catch up on your social media? Hop on over to the surf, charge and chill area at F Floor, adorned with greenery to help you relax and unwind.

Just plug in your devices, log-on to the free Wi-Fi and surf away!

-Located at F Floor

For more information about Sunway Pyramid, visit www.sunwaypyramid.com or call 03 – 7494 3100.

By Liyana Taff

This is a sponsored post presented by Sunway Pyramid.


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