Easy One-Pot Meal Recipes That Toddlers Would Love Too

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Juggling work and motherhood is never easy, and putting together a nutritious meal for your little one – especially after a long day at work – can be tough. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this week. Check out these 7 fuss-free, one-pot meal recipes that are suitable for your tot.


Chicken is recommended as the first meat to include in your baby’s diet. Blend all the nutrients that comes from the chicken cutlets, carrot, sweet potato, apple, and peas packed into a bowl of puree. Sweet and savoury, your baby will immediately fall in love with it. [Recipe here]


Great for evenings when the last thing you want to worry about is what to have for dinner. This kid-approved pasta should be in every mom’s emergency kit. Highly versatile, you can switch up the ingredients to suit your family’s preference. [Recipe here]


Still have boxes of leftovers in the fridge? Wrap the remaining chicken or beef stew from yesterday’s dinner all in a fresh leaf of lettuce and you’ve get a healthy AND interesting-looking light dinner. Brilliant way to feed your kid some greens too! [Recipe here]


Made popular by Martha Stewart, 9 minutes is all it takes to get this dish ready. Colourful and pleasing-to-the-eye, the recipe is loaded with nutrients from the various kinds of vegetables and is a first step to instill good eating habits in your family. [Recipe here]


Easy and healthy, this baked fish recipe is perfect as a light lunch or a hearty dinner. Allow the olives, tomatoes, and white wine (or leave out) to boil together into a broth full of goodness that your family will savour to the last drop. Pair it with bread or rice to make it a complete meal. [Recipe here]


What’s better than a fusion of taco and mac & cheese? This combination of family favourites will easily be the talk of the table. [Recipe here]


We all love our lasagne but not many enjoy the long-hours of preparation and the cleaning up after. Here’s an alternative that gets the job done quickly and doesn’t leave you with a sink full of dirty utensils. [Recipe here]

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