10 Kid-Friendly Broccoli Recipes Worth Drooling Over

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Broccoli is the kind of super food that you absolutely must include in your kid’s diet. These crunchy leaves are a great source of fiber, and is proven to greatly help in digestion. Its components of glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiian, and glucobrassicin supports the detoxification process, which explains why many people promote it as an anti-cancer food. That’s not all, it’s exceptionally high content in vitamin K and vitamin C is great for your child’s bones-development and immune system.

In respect of Mr Broccoli being such a health-beneficial ingredient, we’ve scouted 8 recipes that will make it easier for you to feed your tots broccoli.


The best way to hide ingredients that kids fear is to blend them all up, like in this broccoli chicken and cheese soup. The broccoli is blended up so small your kids won’t notice that they’re eating them! Recipe here.


Here’s a creative spin to the traditional coleslaw, replace coleslaw with broccoli slaw that you can easily find packaged at the supermarket. All you need to do is prepare the dressing, mix everything together, and you have a bowl of interesting-looking salad that no one can resist. Recipe here.


Introduce broccoli to your children in the form of pan-fried patties; these savoury bite-sized snack, appetizer, or side dish will be loved by kids (and parents, too!). Recipe here.


Who would have expected broccoli in a muffin recipe? Stand out among your friends by baking your very own broccoli muffin! Feed your kid nutrients all while boasting your hidden talent. Key to success here.


Elevate the nutritious level of your regular mac and cheese by adding smaller pieces of broccoli. Perfect for a busy after-work weekday, this 20-minutes recipe is so yummy that your kid(s) will overlook the addition of a foreign object. Recipe here.


Fried rice is not just an easy dish to prepare, it also makes adding in ingredients that your kids dislike such as broccoli possible. Feel free to mix and match the ingredients, make it your own – you simply cannot go wrong with this crowd favourite. Recipe here.


Make a pizza in 10 minutes, yes you’ve read it right. Use ingredients that are different in colour, say cherry tomatoes for red, carrots for orange on this french bread pizza (not the traditional italian full-baked ones) recipe. You could also mix a rainbow-colour scheme toppings that is sure to capture your kids attention. Recipe here.


For baked potato fans, here’s another way to have your favourite dish. Steam a cup of broccoli florets and microwave 2 large russet potatoes for 8-10 minutes. Once that’s done, slice the potatoes open and add the butter, then the broccoli. Finally, drizzle with honey mustard. Yum! Recipe here.


Kids love cheese and a creamy lasagna is a great way to introduce a veggie to kids. Serve it with a simple salad. This meal is definitely a must try! Recipe here.

Image Credit: Taste, LemonsforLuLuSuperHealthyKids, SimpleNourishedLiving, TasteAndTellKnowYourProduce & www.thatwasvegan.com.