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Dengue Still Prevalent: Protect Your Children

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If you think Malaysia’s dengue problem has gone way, think again. A total of 52,398 dengue cases were recorded nationwide this year, with 83 deaths recorded between January and September. The dengue fever brought by Aedes mosquitoes is, unfortunately, still listed as the most prevalent disease in the country.

Generally, dengue resolves on its own, but for infants and young children, parents need to be more vigilant. If the disease is serious, children may need urgent treatment and hospitalisation. Even if their dengue fever is milder, it may leave your little one weak, tired and miserable for more than a month.

Prevention is therefore crucial to safeguard your children. But with a whole world of adventures out there for your little one, what defences should you get against mozzies? And with so many brands out there saying they ward off these pesky creatures, which one would you trust to protect your beloved children?

Natural and Safe Formulation

Some do not know that respected brand Tiger Balm does a range of mosquito repellent products now that are firm favourites for Asian families. As befitting a trusted name such as Tiger Balm, its Mosquito Repellent Range is safe, natural, and provides long lasting protection for families.

If you’re looking for an essential companion for the great outdoors, this range uses a unique blend of the much-loved Tiger Balm formula and citronella oil to keep your little ones safe from mosquito bites.

Their Mosquito Repellent Patch is the best-selling product within its category in Singapore, popular amongst parents using it on their children. Their Mosquito Repellent Spray is also a leading brand in the spray category, and its Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Aerosol was one of the first aerosol mosquito repellent with natural formulation when it was launched in 2016.

Made from plant-based ingredients, the range is completely DEET-free. DEET, or N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, is the active ingredient in many repellent products – a synthetic chemical that works by masking our natural scent to mosquitoes. While DEET may be recommended for people and places at high risk for mosquito-born diseases, it can be an irritant and has raised health and environmental concerns.

Tiger Balm’s formulation wards off mosquitoes and insect bites effectively and naturally, so your child plays safer, for longer.

Painless Protected Play

The Mosquito Repellent Range by Tiger Balm is also easy to use, something that is important for all parents.

Its anti-mosquito patches come in individually-sealed patches in a box, and its aerosol spray is a non-greasy, fine-mist aerosol that allows for even coating. They provide hours of effective protection from mosquitoes on treated skin and clothing, giving you ease of mind when it comes to protecting your children.

Just spray the mist on your little one’s skin before going out. Put on the anti-mosquito patches on your child’s tee-shirt or trousers for another shield against these.

As these handy patches can be stuck on anywhere, parents can also place them on school bags, socks or caps when their children head to school or the park and playgrounds. When indoors, there can be added safety if parents use the patches on baby cots, prams or nearby furniture and walls. Such added protection, with such ease of use, equals to a parent’s peace of mind!


For more information on the Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Range, click here. The range can be purchased from all major pharmacies in Malaysia.


This is a sponsored post presented by Tiger Balm.

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