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Choosing the Perfect Baby Carrier for You & Your Baby

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There are various types of baby carriers to choose from – wraps, sling, mei-tai’s and more. But, how do we know which one suits us best? Here are few tips and things to consider when selecting the perfect baby carrier for both, you and your baby.

1. The Front Carrier

front carrier 11

Your baby would be too young to support his/her own neck. This is where a front carrier comes in handy.

A front carrier is a fabric seat that is connected with the support of two (or more) straps. Some front carriers may be designed to be quite versatile, so that they can be worn on your back for your comfort once your baby grows and becomes heavier.

The only issue you may face with this carrier is when breastfeeding. The carriers are made for support and because of this, they may be a little bulky and not very breastfeeding-friendly.

2. The Baby Backpack


Similar to the front carrier, the baby backpack is a sturdy fabric seat with two straps.

Most baby backpacks usually comes with metal frames for outdoor activities – although they may be bulky, your baby can sit securely and comfortable against your back.

This option of carriers is usually purchased once the baby is strong enough to support his/her own neck which is why it’s best for older babies and toddlers rather than newborns.

3. The Sling


The sling is one of the most basic carriers yet one of the most preferred carriers for breastfeeding mums. 

This wide swath of fabric can be worn across either one of your shoulders and provides full support for your baby. Some slings come with padding and some without.

This carrier is recommended for breastfeeding mums as the cloth comes with a generous amount enabling flexibility which allows mums to breastfeed discretely.

The downside of this carrier would be the security risks as the piece of cloth is wide, you will have to watch your baby at all times to ensure that he/she is not suffocating while placed in the sling.

4. Mei-Tai

meitai 112

This is probably the more secure version of a sling as it comes with four straps as well as buckles.

The Mei-Tai is one of the most versatile carriers in the market as you can choose to wrap it around your torso in a way in which both you and your baby feel most comfortable.

Similar to the sling, the Mei-Tai comes with a generous amount of cloth. So when wrapping, mums must be very careful and make sure that the baby will not be at risk of suffocation.

5. Soft-Structured Carriers

structured carrier

Soft-structured carriers are similar to baby backpacks but they are designed for versatility and enable mums to select various ways in which they would like to wear the carrier.

These carriers are usually available without metal frames and have ample amount of padding to avoid any sort of discomfort for mums who suffer from back pains.

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