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Breast Milk in a Bar: Where to Turn ‘Liquid Gold’ into Soap

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Breast milk soaps may seem like an unusual trend for many mums in Malaysia. But, the makers of these artisanal soaps feel the need to spread awareness on the benefits the use of these soaps for both mums and babies.

Sany Woo, founder of Laven Soap and mother of two; Louise Chu, founder of Claire Organics; and Samantha Tan, founder of Earth Care Soaps share their knowledge and opinions towards breast milk soaps and why they encourage the use of it.

What is it?

Breast milk is packed with nutrition and skin-healthy substances. And now, it’s possible for nursing mothers to make soaps out of breast milk for her baby and herself.

Nursing moms have been either approaching artisanal soap makers to turn their breast milk into soap or have began purchasing breast milk soap kits to handcraft their own DIY breast milk soaps.


How is it made?

Moms can opt to store their breast milk and hand it over to artisanal soap makers who will cook and mould their custom-made soaps for them. Others may opt to make their own breast milk soaps in the privacy of their own homes and may purchase DIY kits and follow the recipes that come with it or take workshops with artisanal soap-makers who teach  how to turn breast milk into soap.

“Moms can also opt to have their soaps unscented or scented from our range of pure essential oils, and have the soaps set in handy bars or adorable shapes,” says Samantha.

“It’s pretty flexible whereby moms can choose their favourite essential oil or natural ingredient from our list to incorporate into their breast milk soaps according to their needs as each ingredient or essential oil comes with different skin benefits,” Louise adds.

It’s highly advised that soap made out of breast milk should be used only by the mother from whom the milk is produced and for her baby to whom the milk is produced for.

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What are the benefits of using breast milk soap?

It’s no surprise that breast milk would be great for skin as it is rich in nutrition for babies. But even with this in mind, a lot of people may still find the process strange not knowing fully how these soaps may benefit mums and babies.

“Breast milk soaps are the perfect natural cleansers for your little ones because it gives them gentle protection against harmful substances from commercial cleanser,” says Louise. It also reduces the risk of developing skin problems like eczema and rashes.

“Breast milk is widely known as the first source of nutrients for a child during his first six months of life, as it contains all the necessary essential fatty acids, enzymes, protein, vitamins and antibodies from the mother to nourish and protect her child,” shares Samantha, founder of Earth Care Soaps.

“Breast milk also contains lactic acid, a form of alpha-hydroxy acid which is a natural skin exfoliant. It also has lactoferrin, which is a good anti-inflammatory and helps to shed the outer layer of the skin and unclog pores,” states Louise.


Should you consider turning your breast milk into soap?

For moms who would simply like to make use of their excess breast milk or breast milk that has already past the expiration date for consumption, breast milk soaps are an alternative way in which their babies and themselves can still make use of its benefits.

“Some moms want a personal touch to the soaps, over regular soaps. Others believe in the benefit of breast milk soaps have for their babies,” says Samantha.

Sany Woo says she’s always on a lookout for natural, handmade skincare because she and her children have sensitive skin. “Nowadays, I help other moms to make breast milk soaps and also teach them how to make their own soaps and skincare products,” says Sany.

How much does it cost?

Breast milk soaps may range from rm15 up to rm80 in Malaysia depending on the type of soap combinations, weight and quantity you are looking to purchase.

Where can you get it made?

– Earth Care Soaps
– Claire Organics
– Hello Natural Lab
– A Soap Affair
– C & C Natural Handcrafted Soaps
– Freedom Soap
– Ameryllis Nature Skincare
– Soap Lab Malaysia
Laven Soap

Image credit: Earth Care Soaps, Freedom Soap.