Baby Food Storage Solutions to Help You Cut the Clutter

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I’ve always thought that food should stay in the kitchen and clothing items stay in the cupboard. However, effective organisation isn’t always about keeping the same types of items together neatly. It’s really about simple systems that make things easily accessible so you don’t end up making a mess when you’re getting something.

And that was how I approached my food station organisation.

I used to run back and forth between the kitchen and dining table to get snacks and bibs ready for my baby. These days, they are all in a rack just beside my son’s booster seat for easy access.

So here’s a list of what’s on my baby food station:

Baby snacks

I place all his snacks in air-tight containers that are easy to grab. This is for a more streamlined look, and so that the snacks stay fresh longer.


Baby food

I also unpack his baby food before placing them in air-tight containers. For food like oats and millet, I just stick a washi tape onto the container and label the contents as well as cooking instructions on it. I also add the expiry date on all my containers. If you are too lazy to label each container, you can just cut out the cooking instructions and paste it onto the container.

Wet wipes and tissue

Meal times are always messy especially with a toddler who wants to exert his independence by demonstrating the many ways food can fall off a spoon. So I find it handy to have my cleaning buddies nearby so I can quickly clean up his spills before the ants get to them!


Containers to contain

I bought several plastic storage boxes to separate all the items for easy access. Each category has its own container. I also find it useful to corral different items in separate baskets as I can just move the basket of snacks onto the dining table when I need them and move it back easily with one hand.



We always need one when kids eat so I place a command hook at the back of my son’s chair and hang his bib on it. It’s convenient because it is within arm’s reach every time my child is having his meal.

I’ve tried this new system for several months now and I am glad I decided to switch things up. The food station requires minimal maintenance and everything is neatly stored. I find myself running back and forth a lot less now too, which seems to please my son a lot. And it only took me several minutes to put this food station together! Definitely makes meal times a lot more fuss-free.

If you have other tips on how to create an organised baby food station, leave me a note in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Wei Yenn was a PR Consultant before trading it for a career in education. A mother to a music-loving toddler, her most influential teacher is her son. 

Image Credit: Yenn & www.stickybellies.com.

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