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Are Pregnancy Food Cravings All in Your Head?

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We’ve all heard stories about pregnant women having can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head cravings, begging their husbands to run to the store and get that food they so desire. But are cravings based on biology, or just an excuse?

Researchers from the University at Albany found little evidence of food cravings during pregnancy to be beneficial for maternal or fetal health. Instead, the study is suggesting that cravings are more about the mind than the body. Researchers believe that a pregnant woman’s cravings are set off by the thought that a specific food is “forbidden”, and that the more off limits a specific food is, the more pregnant women crave it.

While inconclusive, this finding undoubtedly raises questions about how seriously we treat (pun intended?) these longings. So maybe just think about this before sending your significant other out on a quest for the out-of-season durian or other feast you fancy … or not!

Image Credit: The Bump