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Amanda Teh: Using Natural Remedies From The Kitchen

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Many parents would like to look for natural remedies for their families when they are under the weather. Makchic talks to naturopath Amanda Teh about the concept of natural remedy and how it can benefit the whole family. 

How did you get started on your journey?

20 years ago my father was diagnosed with nasal cancer.  Back then information was limited and we were left depending fully  on doctors.  I am not saying Western medication is wrong, we were frustrated at his lack of progress.  No one told us that cancer patients can improve their quality of life without having to be stuck on drugs.  After his passing I felt at a loss and felt like  I  should do something to come full circle with the feeling of hopelessness.  That was when I decided to quit my job as a Java programmer to delve deeper into treating cancer or its symptoms naturally. I studied at Nature Care College for a 5-year degree and the rest is history.

Amanda during her study at the Nature Care College

How is this different than homeopathy?

Naturopath is a complete lifestyle treatment system with a medical background. It doesn’t just treat the symptoms but also looks at how we can help manage our patients’ quality of life. During the consultation alone we would spend 1-2 hours going through patient’s physical symptoms, medical records, stress markers, also mental health. The remedies can be in a form of supplements, Bach flower remedies, probotiocs, etc. Our treatment also goes hand in hand with the medical field – if we feel it is necessary, we would refer you to a hypnotist, a chiropractor, or a dietician.

Is the treatment effective, especially for kids and babies?

Most definitely. As naturopaths ensure the wellbeing of patients, mothers can continuously keep up their kids’ immune system using natural treatments from their own kitchen. Natural medicine is best for children above the age of 1 as there are some herbs/natural food that are unsuitable for babies.

How would a naturopath suggest mothers treat these ailments for their families?

Runny nose/phlegm: 

  • For the common cold, eucalyptus/peppermint oil diffused or rubbed on chest (diluted in coconut or olive oil). Only for kids 2 years and above, and always watch the dosage.
  • For babies below 2, Amanda suggests a salt water spray, and to introduce probiotics to speed up the healing.
  • Onion soup is good as it contains quercetin, which is anti-inflammatory and helps to loosen up the mucus.
  • Chopped onion left besides the bed (in the room) also helps with congestion.


  • Fever is a normal immune reaction and is also part healing process; we want to facilitate the symptoms, not suppress it. However, always monitor the temperature, observe the symptoms and make sure the child is active.
  • Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child’s forehead while she rests.
  • Lots of fluid, like coconut water.
  • Drink a cup of hot ginger tea, which also induces sweating and brings down the temperature. Alternatively, Roselle tea, which is high in Vitamin C, also helps to boost the immune system and speed up healing. To make the tea, steep a half-teaspoon minced ginger root in 1 cup just-boiled water. Strain, then drink.


  • No sugar-added prune juice is great for kids.
  • Introduce some good fat : Avocado, chia seeds, flaxseeds (ground) in their food – for kids older than 1 year.
  • Smoothies: Dragon fruit/ Pear/Apple + Oats + Chia (Soaked in the fridge overnight)
  • Withholding is a common problem, so train the children to go to toilet at the same time everyday.
  • Watch out for any food intolerances or food sensitivities, such as to dairy, wheat and gluten.


  • Up the fluid intake, such as with Chamomile tea/Fennel tea
  • Applesauce and bananas are high in pectin which helps to absorb the excessive fluid and reduce the diarrhea
  • Carob  is high in tannin (which helps to stop the diarrhoea), tastes awesome and is easily incorporated in your food
  • Cut out dairy, wheat and gluten from diet, introduce more liquids, such as soup and water

Stomach flu:

  • Use propolis and probiotics to deal with the infection
  • Manuka Honey with antiseptic properties (above 1 year)
  • Chamomile or fennel or ginger tea is great for stomaches  and to reduce  bloating


  •  For temporary relief of eczema,  run a calendula or oat bath: put calendula or oat in a stocking and apply it on the skin in the bathtub.
  • Keep a spray bottle filled with chamomile tea and spray on affected skin. Alternatively, try an oatmeal bath, in which you soak the oat in water, strain the oats, and use the water to bathe your baby in. It helps soothe itchy skin.


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Medical Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or ailment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on websites.

Nadia Nizamudin wears many hats - cyclist, artist, engineer, yogi, writer - but the toughest role so far is mothering her two wonderful girls. She is an advocate for mental health, self-care and also forgiving yourself frequently as you parent.