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9 Tunes to Help Your Toddler With Potty Training

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Potty Songs

Potty training can be an emotional time for both you and your child. After all, it’s a big deal when they learn to use the toilet like a big kid and can graduate from pull-ups. Discussion of potty training and learning control can be extensive in most families, and ideas abound about how to do it wisely and well.

To make the process more fun and inviting, potty songs have been created to accompany the event. The songs are catchy enough and engaging, which puts the little ones at ease during a potentially stressful time (accidents will happen!). And if you’re lucky, some songs actually explain the procedure so you won’t have to.

We did a little poking around online and found some of the best tunes for kids:

1. Elmo’s Potty Time

2. Potty Time Theme Song

3. Bear in the Big Blue House’s Potty Chair Song

4. Potty Party

5. Go Potty Go

6. Poop Song – Potty Training 101

7. Timon & Pumbaa’s The Potty Song

8. Huggies Potty Dance

9. Sesame Street’s You’ll Use the Potty Song

Image Credit: Flickr user Lentini