6 Healthy Party Snacks for Kids

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Whether you’re hosting them or going to them, birthday parties are an important part of your tot’s life. To celebrate the momentous occasion we indulge our toddlers with colourful, candy coated treats. Here’s our alternative to common party snacks that are delightful to children and won’t compromise your toddler’s healthy diet.


Every party needs a platter of finger food for kids to nibble on. This grilled vegetable skewer dish is the perfect way to get even your most fussiest eater to eat their vegetables [Recipe here].

Presentation is as important as taste when it comes to enticing children to eat healthy. A rainbow fruit skewer platter is easy on the eye and easy to make. You can even make the dish a fun and educational experience and have the children prepare their own rainbow skewers [Recipe here].

Cupcakes are very popular at parties, take this opportunity to squeeze in some vitamin C to your child’s diet with yogurt, orange & lime mini-cupcakes [Recipe here].


We all scream for ice cream, but it doesn’t necessarily have to come from the store. Save your money and your toddler’s health by making homemade strawberry ice lollies, your toddler will not know the difference! [Recipe here].


Between running around and playing games, your tot is bound to get exhausted. Get their energies up with a plate of mini sausage rolls, they’re healthy because they’re baked not deep fried! [Recipe here].


No party is complete without a dip dish, why not go healthy and choose everyone’s favourite Mediterranean dish? Introduce your child to the wonders of hummus with a simple homemade hummus and tortilla chips combo [Recipe here].

Image Credits: Taste.com.au, iStock photos, Dave Walker, Abi Porter, Robert Judge.

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