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5 Fashionable Wears to Conceal Postpartum Hair Loss

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Many new mums often lose hair, sometimes in huge amounts, after having a baby. Though your hairbrush says otherwise, postpartum hair loss isn’t as bad as you think as some hair loss is normal and a natural part of the postpartum period. It can last a few weeks or a few months before your hair is back to normal.

What to do about it?

Of course, you could consider getting a new hairstyle to cover the thinning hairline. But for those looking for a quick and non-permanent fix, check out these fashionable items you can wear to help you breeze through postpartum hair loss.

Fabric Covered Headbands

Fabric Headbands
1. Navy Blue Crystal Bead Headband, RM49.90, Dandelion
2. Fabric Headband, RM29.90, Dandelion
3. Twisted Know Headband, RM29.90, Dandelion

Knotted Fabric Headbands


1. Aztec Jersey Knotted Headband, RM20.09, RuralHaze
2. Wrap Party Headband, RM90.29, Nasty Gal
2. Bright Pink Wild Stretch Headband, RM20.09, RuralHaze

Head Scarves

Head Scarves

1. Tie Dye Headscarf, RM32.60, ASOS
2. Bohemian Headscarf, RM63.74, EcoShag
3. Spotted Head Wrap, RM80.62, Band.do

Clip-on Head Pieces


1. Silk Peony Flower Headpiece, RM107.35, Kristen Perry Accessories
2. Feather Hair Clip, RM260.02, Blair Nadeau Millinery

Turbans, Beanies & Hats

Hats, Beanies & Turbans

1. Velvet Full Turban Headband, RM80.51, Kristen Perry Accessories
2. Crochet Beanie, RM93.20, Tigs Togs
3. Vintage Hat, RM117.41, BackSpinVintage

Image Credits: Etsy, Zalora, ASOS, Right Brain Left Brain.