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5 Fabulous Foods for Better Fertility

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Trying to add a new member to your family? Avoid invasive infertility treatments by changing up your diet first. Here are some fabulous fertility foods with key nutrients that will help boost your fertility and immune system.


Fibre Foods

A good fibre intake is known to balance hormones. Flaxseeds, fruits and vegetables are the best sources of fibre as they are easy on your digestive system.


Zinc-Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in zinc include nuts, eggs, baked beans, mangoes, pumpkin seeds, fish and oysters. Give them a try.



This is a fertility food that’s great for both men and women. Nature’s wonder elixir consists of nutrients that strengthen the ovaries and semen too.


Full Fat Dairy Products

Although it is not advised to consume full fat dairy products during pregnancy, when trying to conceive, these foods have been proven to increase the levels of estrogen and progesterone which subsequently helps to improve fertility.



Another ingredient to add to the fabulous fertility mix would be garlic. Garlic is high in vitamins and minerals that benefit both men and women when trying to conceive. This includes improvement of the development of sperm and gives a boost to one’s immune system.

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