23 Pieces of Terrible Parenting Advice You Should Never Follow

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Father and toddler son drawing

Everyone, parent or not, has an opinion about methods of parenting and how a child should be raised. Although they might mean well, on occasion, the advice given may be a bit of a stretch or quite exaggerated.

We posed the question on forums about the worst parenting advice mothers have ever heard. Here’s what we found – warning, this may tickle.

“I was told that my cats will suck the soul out of my newborn!”

“Don’t let the kids whistle at night, they may summon spirits.”

“It’s okay to let your baby cry himself/herself to sleep. They will give up eventually.”

“When your baby is teething, rub some hard liquor on their gums. That should do the trick. They might even sleep better.”

“You don’t need to pay a baby-sitter, just keep your TV running.”

“Your child’s grades are a reflection of the parent, so it’s your job to make sure they get good grades.”

“It’s okay, let them eat the crumbs off the floor. It will build their immune system.”

“If your baby bites you when you’re breast-feeding and you want him/her to stop, all you have to do is bite back.”

“Swaddling babies can cause deformities.”

“Don’t carry your newborn everywhere, you’re spoiling her.”

“A stranger told me that if I let him touch my stomach when I was 7 months pregnant, that my baby would be good with numbers.”

“Don’t use nail clippers on the baby. You might cut his/her skin. Bite his/her nails off instead.”

“Don’t vaccinate your child. It can lead to autism.”

“If you don’t have money now, don’t worry, have a baby first then the money will come.”

“Cutting your baby’s hair before he/she reaches the age of 1 year is bad luck”

“Don’t exercise or dance at all when you’re pregnant. It can lead to a miscarriage.”

“You shouldn’t eat too much ice cream when you’re pregnant. Your baby will be born with a cold.”

“My friends were told to give their 6-week-old baby Gatorade for constipation.”

“If you tickle your baby’s feet, they will grow up with a stutter.”

“My MIL told me to get rid of my daughter’s hiccups by dipping her pacifier in sugar – she was only 3 months old!”

“Get a C-section done. It’s so much easier than giving birth.”

“Don’t let your baby stand up too soon. She’ll be bow-legged for life.”

“My mom told me to put a heavy blanket over my baby’s face on cold nights so he wouldn’t get bronchitis.”

What’s the worst parenting advice you’ve ever heard?

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