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16 Activity Kits and Subscription Boxes That Deliver Fun to Your Doorstep

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If you are a time-strapped mama, or are cracking your head over activities that are both entertaining and educational, look no further! Yes, there are a ton of enrichment classes to join, bookstores and libraries to visit, as well as parks and playgrounds to enjoy- but we mamas also appreciate the slower-paced learning activities within the comforts of home too! If sourcing for nitty gritty materials and coming up with ideas have (understandably) been tough thus far, you’re going to love our list of subscription boxes and activity kits below!


1. Atom & the Dot

Source: Atom & The Dot

The pioneer in hands-on subscription boxes in Malaysia has extended its offering to party packs, individual kits and more! Each kit is thoughtfully curated and filled with materials and instructions for art and science-inspired activities and experiments. If you choose to sign up for their subscription boxes, you will receive a box containing three to four super fun activities (including a variety of hands-on experiments, art applications and games), based on a new science topic.  You will have the option to be surprised monthly, or pick your own preferred activity boxes beforehand. Searching for something to suit your preference with Atom & the Dot is also super easy – the platform is neatly organised into age groups, themes and activity types, so you can easily find what you want with just a few simple clicks! 

Individual Packs: From RM35

Subscription: RM250- RM780 (3, 6 or 12 months)

Delivery: Free for above RM100, RM7 per box (For purchases below RM100)

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2. Alfa and Friends 

Source: Alfa and Friends

Alfa and Friends is a provider of STEM-focused preschool education programs with an international presence, and also offers a variety of activity kits. Choose from individual basic packs, or STEM-related comics (with digital versions available too). If you want something thematic that will stretch out for a bit longer, check out the Superhero Exploration Kit (RM360 for 3 months of learning) or Spark Limited Edition Box (priced at RM100 for 5 weeks of learning, around the theme of “Things That Go”). 

Individual Packs: From RM25 (5 packs at RM95)

Subscription: RM350 (4 months), RM650 (8 months) [*excluding delivery]

Comic Magazine Box Set: RM120

Delivery: From RM10 (depending on weight)

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3. Tinkerer

Source: Tinkerer

Tinkerer was started by graduate engineers from Imperial College London, who became parents themselves and saw the need to inspire and foster creative confidence, decision-making skills, and independent thinking through immersive learning. Each product takes thousands of hours to develop by experts and Early Years teachers, and are subsequently kid-tested to ensure happy little customers stay engaged, curious, and learning! Their award-winning packs  (which are available in both the English and Chinese languages) are suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years old, aimed at igniting artistic curiosity and scientific exploration.

Subscription Box: 3 months (RM119.35/month), 6 months (RM109.45/month), 12 months (RM102.85/month) , 18 months (RM97.90/month)

Delivery: RM35/month

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4. Fun4Kids

Source: Fun4Kids

Fun4kids specialises in offering kids’ activities, workshops, and customised pre-packed craft kits for corporate events, schools, and individuals. Choose from a wide variety of single kits with craft materials that range from foam, felt, sand, paper, wood and more. Parents can also filter choices by festive-themed packs or science kits too, and purchase either directly from their website or from their Shopee store. It’s perfect for party packs too, as you can get bulk discounts of 10%  to 30% with minimum purchases!

Activity packs: From RM2.80 

Delivery: RM8 (Purchases below RM100), Free (Purchases above RM100)

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5. Cytron

Source: Cytron

Puzzle-lovers might be able to guess what’s being offered on this platform, just by its moniker! Named after the home planet of the Transformers, “Cybertron”, Cytron sells parts (and kits) for smart electronic and robotic projects. Check out their DIY Kit for Junior that’s suitable for those from 4 years old- the kids will have fun assembling an item, whilst learning all about electronics, sensors, motors and more!

Junior Maker Kits: From RM5

Delivery: RM5 to Peninsular Malaysia, Free shipping for purchases above RM39

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6. Plantzania

Source: Plantzania

Living in a home without a garden, and hoping to get your kids exposed to forestry and the biological world? Get your hands dirty at home, whilst learning about nature with the edu-science kits from Plantzania (that go beyond simply offering different seeds for planting and growing). Grow bacteria, extract fruit DNA,  experience hydroponics, and more with their all-inclusive experiment kits! 

Teaching Kit: From RM6

Delivery: RM8 flat rate

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Diverse Development

7. Wonderleap

Source: Wonderleap

Pick from thematic play boxes at Wonderleap, with interesting topics such as Mindfulness Emotions, The Handyman Tool Box and a Journey into the Human Body. The activities and materials have been carefully curated for hands-on thematic learning to take place for kids across the ages of 1 to 6, making it perfect for siblings to play and learn together. An exciting surprise theme will be launched every month. Find up to ten activities in each box –  including sensory play, crafting, literacy, learning cards, puzzles and more!

Individual Box: RM95 (current promotional price at RM92)

Subscription: RM270 (3 months) with free delivery. Parents can opt for existing or future themes.

Delivery: RM6 nett for West Malaysia

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8. Malaysia Toys

Source: Malaysia Toys

Nurture your child’s personal talent, and open up a world of imagination and creativity by providing fun tools for open-ended play. Every child is unique- and you will be able to find personalised advice and tailored subscription boxes to meet your child’s developmental needs here. If you have a playroom overflowing with toys that have been tossed aside, or are unsure of how to play with your child,  Malaysia Toy’s Montessori experts will be able to  guide you on ways to play (and how to utilise both your existing toys and the subscription box purchased)! This one-stop toy platform also sells curated books, Montessori materials, and playroom accessories.

Toys: From RM5.90

Subscription Boxes: RM295 (3 months), RM380 (6 months)

Delivery: RM16 for 3 months subscription box deliveryRM6 (5kg and below),  RM12 (10kg and below), free for orders over RM400, option to use another delivery partner that charges by distance for fast delivery

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9. Hands On Box

Source: Hands On Box

Hands On Box offers carefully curated boxes by a passionate educator with 15 years of experience (with both neurotypical and neurodiverse children), covering the five essential developmental aspects for 2 to 6 year olds. Refine fine and gross motor skills and foster cognitive, social-emotional and language skills with themed-based topics such as Construction, Little Artist, Bugs, and more. Each box contains 6 all-inclusive hands-on activities, and even includes a manual and video tutorial QR code!

Subscription Box: RM80/month, with free delivery and cancellation at any time

Individual Box: From RM79

Delivery: RM7 within West Malaysia

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Sensory Play

10. Sensory Play Box Malaysia

Source: Sensory Play Box

Sensory play is fun and entertaining, and also plays an important role in brain development by helping to build nerve connections! Reap the range of benefits, with specialised play boxes and bins by these sensory experts. You can get a comprehensive set of staple sensory bases with their Normal/Ultimate Sensory Playbox, or opt for their other fun-filled themed (or age-based) prepared boxes. 

Subscription Box: 3, 5 or10 boxes to be delivered monthly, at varying discounted rates. Free postage for 5 boxes and above.

Play Box: RM89 onwards

Sensory Bins: From RM40 onwards

Delivery: RM10 West Malaysia for below 5kg

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11.Dough Little

Source: Dough Little

Get your hands on a modern reinvention of those mass-produced play doughs most of us grew up with! Dough Little creates pretty, scented and beautifully packed play dough kits that encourage open-ended play, literacy and numeracy learning. Their taste-safe play dough is handcrafted using high-grade food ingredients, and then combined with other trinkets and tools to create fun packs for exploration, imagination and learning!

Dough Little Play Dough: From RM10

Learning Kits: From RM74

Box Sets: From RM49

Delivery: RM8 (West Malaysia), RM15 (East Malaysia)

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Arts and Craft

12. Craftomons by Open Playhouse

Source: Craftomons

Get crafty with a wide variety of single-pack craft kits, and make your own keychains, glow-in-the-dark slime, sun catchers, ornaments and more. These convenient, all-in-one packs are great for home or to take on-the-go (as well as for all those other times you need to keep the kids busy and entertained!). If you prefer to choose your products at a physical store, check out their stockists, such as their Concept Store (Open Playhouse) at United Point Kepong, for a day of entertainment, activities, and shopping. 

Craft Kits: From RM10

Delivery: RM6-RM10

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13. Malaysia Clay Art

Source: Malaysia Clay Art

You’ll find more than just an extensive range of clay supplies at Malaysia Clay Art! On top of squishy, fun air-dry clay for the kids, other interesting DIY projects include water marble transfer painting, soap and candle making, and even paper cutting kits. We mamas like our all-inclusive packs- and sourcing them from Malaysia Clay Art will also provide you the opportunity to conveniently purchase any add-ons from the same place!

DIY Kit: From RM4.80

Delivery: Free for orders RM120 and above

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14. Chubby Fingers Play

Source: Chubby Fingers Play

This popular homegrown crayon store (literally stemming from a mum’s home kitchen) has expanded their offerings to include educational and fun thematic kits. You will be able to get both their signature eco-friendly, non-toxic oooDoodle Crayons and food-grade colouring silicon placements in each of their thematic Tinker & Giggle Sets. Check out their Little Sensory collection too, for pasta beading sets, iSpy activities, and more! 

Tinker & Giggle Box: From RM149.90

Delivery: RM15

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Early Concept

15. Juggle Brain

Source: Juggle Brain

Get some of these versatile wipe-clean learning folders, activity boards, and busy bags that can be reused over and over again. Choose from age-appropriate activities and boxes for kids from 1.5 years old, and get them learning numbers, phonics, colours, shape, matching and more. The learning boards also have little handles to grab on the way out of the house for on-the-go entertainment (perfect during those long restaurant meals or flights!) 

Busy Packs: From RM42

Delivery: RM6.80 for 1 kg and below, free for RM150 and above

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Future Skills 

16. We Can Be Anything

Source: We Can Be Anything

Let your children  have a taste of different careers and foster related skills through hands-on projects!  These specially designed activity kits are developed by professionals in the industry, and are a great avenue for providing kids with the opportunity to explore career-related interests, right from the comforts of home.  We Can Be Anything’s Be a Journalist Box is bound to be a hit with budding young writers, whilst science enthusiasts can look forward to their upcoming “Be a Chemist Box”. The cherry on the top? Proceeds from the sale of these boxes will go towards funding We Can Academy, a program to help professionals bring their industries and life skills to underprivileged kids, to improve their future prospects.

Be a Journalist Box: RM159

Age: 10-12 years old

Delivery: Rm10, Free for purchases above RM250

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