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15 Surprising Things Moms Can Do with Bio-Oil

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As a mom, your priority is your family. Many women experience a dip in their self confidence shortly after becoming a mother. After tending to the entire family, there simply isn’t any time or energy left to focus on yourself. Shake off the negativity and love the skin you’re in.

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare oil with a unique formulation of a combination of natural plant extracts, including lavender, calendula, rosemary, chamomile, and vitamins A and E that can help provide a number of benefits, including reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, fighting the signs of aging, and soothing dehydrated skin.

With a myriad of uses, we list down our 15 favourite ways to utilise Bio-Oil:

  1. Fight Frizz: After applying Bio-Oil on your skin, smooth the last bits onto your dry ends. Unlike typical hair serum, it’s extremely light texture can tame your frizzy bits but won’t weigh your hair down.
  2. Soothe Skin: Prone to eczema or rashes? Got a nasty sunburn? The chamomile in Bio-Oil helps soothe irritated skin and calm redness.
  3. Nappy Rash: Tend to a sore bottom by applying it on affected areas to help soothe the discomfort.
  4. Healthy Nails: Spent a little too much time scrubbing dishes? Massage a couple drops into your cuticles to strengthen nails and heal the nail bed.
  5. Highlight Cheekbones: Warm a teensy drop between your fingers and lightly trace with your finger the areas of your face, like your cheekbones, you want to highlight.
  6. Moisturizer Booster: Pat Bio-Oil right on top your moisturizer application. The oil traps in the moisture and keeps it from dissipating its benefits.
  7. Chapped Lips: Add about ½ a teaspoon of the oil to some brown sugar for a lip scrub that’s almost good enough to eat.
  8. “No-makeup” Look: Add a couple drops into your foundation or BB Cream. The sheen gives off an effortless flush for a natural look. It’s the pregnancy ‘glow’ without the pregnancy.
  9. Illuminate Skin: Mix in Bio-Oil with your favourite liquid bronzer and strategically smooth it onto your collar bones, arms and legs, and decolletage to highlight your favourite parts.
  10. Smoothen Fine Lines: PurCellin Oil, Bio-Oil’s breakthrough ingredient helps lock in the vitamins and healing properties that can help hydrate dehydrated or aging skin.
  11. Catch some ZZZ’s: You finally have time on your hands for a quick forty winks but now you can’t sleep. Rub a couple drops between your palms and take a whiff — the lavender helps alleviate stress which is probably why you can’t sleep in the first place.
  12. Lighten Scars: Stop feeling self conscious about any lingering scars. Reduce the appearance of any old blemishes by applying Bio-Oil and watch them lighten.
  13. Stretch Mark Remedy: A clinical study revealed that 100% of subjects saw significant improvement in the appearance of existing stretch marks after applying Bio-Oil for eight short weeks.
  14. Hydrate skin: Lotions and body creams tend to get sticky in our tropical humidity. Bio-Oil sinks right in leaving no uncomfortable residue just supple skin.
  15. Cracked Heels: Rub into cracked heels to soften and heal rough areas. Treat other dry spots like elbows or knees to reduce ashiness too.