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11 Cool Ride-on Toys for Modern Toddlers

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When children are learning how to walk, they are constantly on the move. Ride-on toys are great because toddlers can push it as they are walking or climb atop for a spin around the house.

There are a lot of ride-on toys in the market, but here are 11 cool rides for the toddler in your life:


1. Moulin Ride On Wagon, Approximately RM872, My Sweet Muffin.
2. Little Red Roadster Ride On by Radio Flyer, RM399, Hamleys Malaysia.
3. Wheely Bug – Bee, Approximately RM332, The Better Toy Store.
4. Yetitoy, Approximately RM366, Toyella.
5. Pewi by YBike, RM169, Mothercare Malaysia.
6. Wishbone Flip, Approximately RM474, Wishbone Design.
7. SIBIs Max Wooden Ride-on Car, Approximately RM458, Toyella.
8. Skoot Ride-on & Luggage in 1 Suitcase, RM299, The Baby Loft.
9. Early Rider Spherovelo Ride-on, Approximately RM316, Toytoise.
10. Torpedo by Anna a Jerry Kozovi, Price Upon Request, Prague Art & Design.
11. Roadster SAAB, Approximately RM1,787, Playsam.

Image Credits: My Sweet Muffin, The Better Toy Store, Mothercare, Wishbone Design, Prague Art & Design, Toytoise & Toyella.