10 Creative Ways to Show Mum You Appreciate Her

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Thank you. How many times have we said these words to our own mamas over our lifetime? (We’re not going for the “not enough” cliche!). From the offhand thank yous for passing the ketchup, to those that have allowed us to stay up  way past bedtime, we’ve likely to have thanked our mums countless times over the course of our growing up days. 

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But for many, when we joined our beloved mums in the ranks of motherhood, the words of gratitude we uttered took on a far deeper sense of appreciation. We get it now. We thank our mums for the (oversupply of) home-cooked meals – because we have seen her labouring in the kitchen for our nourishment over the years. We thank them for the beautiful gifts we received – because we have seen the thought that goes behind each present.

Here are some creative ways to continuously show our mums how much we love and appreciate them- not just on special occasions, but throughout the year, too. Our mothers certainly deserve it! 

1. Throw a surprise (thank you) party 

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Host a surprise appreciation celebration, or a themed party in honour of Mum. It could be a party to celebrate her achievements, strength, dedication- anything that would make her feel cherished and supported! 

2. Say specific thank yous

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Be specific when showing your appreciation. Let Mum know that you are thankful for her time, effort, and love. Instead of saying a simple, obligatory “thank you” when she gets you another bottle of supplements as a birthday gift, let her know you are genuinely thankful that she cares for your health. 

3. Help her fix things 

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If you’re a mother, you’re probably always fixing things for your kids. Time to return the favour to your mum for all the times she did the same! Take the initiative to change light bulbs in the house, help her to call the plumber and oversee the repair works to figure out what’s wrong with that sink that always overflows, and lend her a helping hand with her more physical chores,

4. Gather everyone in the family

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What’s the one thing that all mums with grown kids look forward to every festive season? Time together with all her loved ones! Make an effort to keep the family gatherings consistent throughout the year. Mum is sure to feel appreciated with the effort and time everyone takes to balik kampung (even if your ‘kampung’ is just a 20-minute drive away!). 

5. Leave surprises for her

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Receiving surprise notes in our lunch boxes may not have been a popular occurrence during our younger days, although many of us may find ourselves starting this tradition for our little ones. Why not leave some unexpected notes of appreciation for Mum too? She’s sure to have a little kama muta moment (even if she’s not necessarily the type that shows it). 

6. Bring her to new places

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Does Mum enjoy holidays, gourmet meals, pamper sessions or being out in nature? Take the time to research some new places with activities and offerings that you know your mum will enjoy. And of course, join in those experiences with her!

7. Prioritise her wants 

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Growing up, most things likely have (more often than not) been about you. Your needs. Your wants. Your preferences. It’s time to put Mum’s needs and wants at the forefront now! Tell her how much you appreciate her sacrifices throughout the years, and try your best to accommodate her desires, whenever possible.

8. Take on her tasks

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Relieve Mum of her adulting duties (we know how it all adds up)! Is your mum still tirelessly ferrying your younger siblings around? Or is daily meal prepping still her responsibility? Even though these wonder women in our lives often keep going without a break, make sure to give them a breather and a chance to self-care.

9. Ask (and thank her) for her advice  

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Not only will this show that you value and respect Mum’s opinion, but it also provides you with the chance to let her know that you appreciate her concern and guidance. Even if you choose not to heed her (occasionally questionable) advice this time round, it helps to remember that this often comes from a good place!

10. Help her with her technology 

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Show your gratitude and love by walking Mum through our current digital era. It may be your 101th time explaining the intricacies of attaching a photo to a WhatsApp message, but try to do so with love and patience! Protect Mum from misinformation too, and show her ways to fact-check so she doesn’t fall into the pitfalls of the (mis)information age

To all our mums – of all generations and from all walks of life- you are truly loved and appreciated. Happy upcoming Mother’s Day,  #makchicmumtribe!

Elaine is a mummy of two who moved from the financial world to become an early childhood educator. She loves travelling, books and her cup of tea to unwind after a long day of diapers, school runs and pretend play.