This Week’s Buzz On The Internet – 21 August 2017

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Internet Buzz #1 – ReplyASAP

While scouring the internet this week, the Makchic team found a very useful app for parents: it’s called ReplyASAP and literally freezes your kids’ phones until they answer your texts.

Nick Herbert created the ReplyASAP app after his son kept ignoring his texts. The app freezes the phone’s screen and sounds an alarm. In order to regain access to their phone, the teens will have to respond to their parents, who will receive a notification when their child has seen their message.

“My son has an iPhone, but I still can’t get hold of him very easily. It’s always on silent because he’s planning games, or has been at school and forgotten to turn the sound back on,” explained Herbert in an interview in “There didn’t seem to be a solution out there that allowed me to send a message to him that would override the silent function, appear over whatever he was doing, and tell me when he had seen it.”

Herbert went on to create the app, and voila, parents around the globe can now worry a little less. This app is currently available for android phones but Herbert has plans to release an iOs version soon. Check out the ReplyASAP app at:


Internet Buzz #2 – An Etiquette Guide for FB Mummy Groups

Last week, one of the members of a Facebook group called ‘Upper East Side Mommas’ sent a cease-and-desist letter via her lawyer to another member. The gist of the letter was a demand for the second mother to stop libelling the letter-sender by calling her racist in group discussions. This made Leigh Anderson wonder what is and what isn’t appropriate to ask in a mummy FB group.

Anderson explains that a FB group, like any community, isn’t a free-for-all—good manners are critical for the group to function.

“I’m part of a couple of groups for parents of all genders. Some are more helpful than others, and I requested some tips from friends and members on how to keep the space polite, helpful, and functional.”

Check out Anderson’s guide so we can all try and keep the peace, yet still have the option of indulging in the wealth of experience and advice from other parents. We surely took note whilst reading through, and love many of the things she pointed out, including the ‘No Mummyjacking’ and ‘no advice blocking’ reminders, as well as her advice to always be mindful of people in different situations.

As Anderson reminds us, some groups function beautifully. Some provide a useful and comforting virtual community for parents, whilst others are at best fodder for entertaining skirmishes in which 99% of the group pops popcorn and watches the drama unfold. “But at bottom, online parenting communities are a place to get advice, pick up a used jumperoo, and if you’re lucky, find some like-minded friends. Just try to resist the urge to send them a cease-and-desist letter.”


Internet Buzz #3 – Try Dora not Pooh

A new study from the University of Toronto has revealed that storybooks featuring human characters instead of cuddly creatures are apparently the best bet for teaching kids life lessons. Think Dora, rather than Pooh.

“Children are more likely to learn from books that have characters they can identify with more easily,” explains lead researcher Patricia Ganea in an interview with CBC’s Metro Morning.

“Reading the human story significantly increased preschoolers’ altruistic giving but reading the anthropomorphic story or a control story decreased it,” the study finds.

But that doesn’t mean parents should ditch animal books, the researchers say. Rather, expand your children’s reading material. What would your thoughts be? The Makchic team love our Berenstain Bears and our Harry Potter, but would never really be able to give up one for the other. We would love for you to leave a comment and tell us what you think.


Internet Buzz #4 – The Struggle is Real – Becoming the Tooth Fairy!

We never knew about the struggle that’s called becoming the Tooth Fairy. Apparently, we as parents should be prepared for this phase. We’ll need extra cash, some snooping skills as well as an excuse or two (because sometimes the tooth fairy is either busy or forgot to come!). Leave it to the parents of Twitter to explain and share their hilarious Tooth Fairy escapades and frustrations.

Take a look at these tweets to get in on the tooth fairy scoop and have a laugh or two while you take notes:

Good luck mums and dads, may fairy dust help us all.


Internet Buzz #5 – And that’s what makes you a great mum!

This one is for all the mums and dads, we salute all of you!

Celebrity chef Kristina Kuzmic says, “No matter how challenging and tiring life gets, you’re here, taking care of your family. You might struggle and you might even fail, but you still get up, and you still keep going. And that’s what makes you a great mom!”

Check out her video here and tag a mum who might need to hear this today.



Compiled by Elyza Noordeen

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